VU+ Plugin EPGImport 1.0-20180912

- [EPGImport] Brought in line with PLi-version.
- channel id is no longer case-sensitive, this will ease maintainers work.
- Delete global variable "parse_autotimer"
- EPGImport: do not try fake recording for services containing url

 This commit allows using service references other than 1:0:1 on custom channels.

    Previously it could work only for 4097 and servicemp3, but once serviceapp was used
    the following error occured:

    [EPGImport] Parsing channels from '/etc/epgimport/MyTest.channels.xml'
    [eNavigation] record: -1
    record returned non-zero
    Invalid serviceref string: 4097:0:1:A0A2:0:0:0:0:0:3:http%3a//...m3u8:Radio Contact Vision HD

    That is happening because serviceapp, doesn't support recording yet.

    So instead of adding fake recording on serviceapp/hisi/... we can simply disable the check when
    URL detected on service reference.

    Finally the instructions in
    must change since "Also the 4097 has to be replaced by a 1" is not valid any more.

    Any service referene on channel should work now, as long as there is a url included.
thx @ OE-Alliance

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