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Thread: G.S.F Flexy 1.05

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    Default G.S.F Flexy 1.05

    G.S.F Flexy 1.05

    New features in version 1.05

    >N0va Schedule
    N0va Two Weeks Schedule_EN
    N0va Two Weeks Schedule_GR
    Download EN version
    Download GR version
    Uninstall EN version
    Uninstall GR version
    *View the program of Greece’s local Satellite package in Greek as well, besides English.
    You can add this option via “Download GR Version”

    >Tools & Utillities > System Information

    Process Info
    Memory info
    Ram Memory info
    Internet Connections

    > Tools & Utillities > Screenshot Tool
    Take a Screenshot > /tmp dir
    Take a Screenshot > /cf
    Take a Screenshot > /usb
    Take a Screenshot > /hdd
    *You can take a screenshot to usb,cf,hdd(bmp format) or /tmp folder (jpg format)

    > Tools & Utillities > Network Tools & Utillities

    View ethernet settings
    Fix network speed<change mtu value>
    Reset mtu value
    Set mtu value manually
    Disable Network Connection
    Enable Network Connection
    Test Internet Connection

    >Tools & Utillities > Ping Tool

    Ping an IP
    Ping a Hostname
    Ping a Hostname-IP from the list
    Add an IP to the list
    Add a Hostname to the list
    Create a Hostname-IP list
    *You can ping an IP or a hostname.
    You can also create a list (Create a Hostname-IP list) in which you can add the IP’s and hostnames you wish (through the options “Add an IP” and “Add a hostname” )

    >Tools & Utillities > Message Tool
    Create a Friends list
    Add a Friend to the list
    Message a friend from the list
    *You can write and send a message to another dreambox. There is also an option for creating a list of dreamboxes you want to communicate, so you won’t have to add them manually every time. (“Add a friend to the list” option)
    Keep in mind that tcp port 80 must be forwarded (NAT) and you must know the web access password of the other dreambox.

    >Tools & Utillities > Tar.gz & Tar.bz2 Utillities

    Manual install tar.gz
    Manual install tar.bz2
    View tar.gz Contents
    View tar.bz2 Contents
    *With these options you can do a manual installation of tar.gz and tar.bz2,as well as view their content before you proceed to installation.

    >Tools & Utillities > Change the Flexmenu Colors


    G.S.F Team.

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    Team GSF

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    This plugin is only for Enigma 1
    Team GSF

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