VU+OpenSPA 7.2.002

What is new
- [vuplus] Updated drivers(duo2, solo2, solose, zero).
- [Edision] Updated drivers.
- [Mutant] Updated drivers (hd51).
- [Zgemma] Updated drivers (all mipsel boxes).
- Optimized image for boxes with few resources.
- Added IPSec & iptables on almost all boxes.
- Switched busybox-cron by cronie.
- KRACK vulnerability patched at wpa_supplicant and hostapd.
- Re-build DVB module to try improve DTT-Usb behaviour.
- Fix service searching issues.
- Fix openvpn.
- Fix udpxy.
- Fix Parental Control.
- Fix yellow button text on Cron Manager screen.
- Fix crash on TimerEntry.
- Fix OscamInfo.
- Fix crash on spzBackups when you save profile.
- Fix Weather Info.
- Fixes at spzqbutton.
- Fixes at spaNewfirm.
- Updated kodi to 17.5 Final.
- Updated panel extra.
New menu distribution and new display way.
Added spanish terrestrial.xml.
Fix channelinfo generation.
Update channels lists.

- Updated Spanotificacions main code. Now just showing the message at screen and smartphone when a login to the box is done.
- Updated Youtube TV.
- Updated skin MetrixJR Customization Plugin, adding font customization.
- Skins MetrixJR y MetrixJRSD performance optimization.
- Skin confluence_openspa, fix screens without text.
- Skin Estuary, fixes on several screens.
- Skin MetrixJR, fix centered of subtitles.
- New watches for LCD400 Skins.

login: root
hasło: openspa
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