Beta time is over. The beta time was actually for the adoption of the
Cuberevo/IPBox and the following problems. I think PCEditor runs quite
stable now concerning the new receivers that I decided to step over to
PCEditor 1.2.47:

PCEditor 1.2.47, 28.01.2009
- New: Search for new versions online and download them, see menu Help
- New: Support for receivers IPBox 91 HD, Cuberevo-200 HD,
Cuberevo-2000HD, Cuberevo-3000HD and Cuberevo-9500HD
- New: All existing receivers have their own label now
- New: New naming convention for downloaded channel databases and backup
- New: Support for Neumo 3.1 database
- New: Support for latest Neumo settings
- New: Set the http port for the webif manually in the network settings
of a receiver
- New: Audio mode is changeable when adding or editing a channel
- New: Change and save column order of channel list. Drag a column to
its new location.
- New: Select custom grid background colour
- New: Create channel list for WebEPG
- Fixed: Problem detecting wrong image type when flashing by ftp
- Fixed: Possible problem when uploading a channel database with IPBox 910
- Fixed: Wrong settings for maturity control
- Fixed: Wrong message when importing transponders from KingOfSat import
- Fixed: Several sorting problems in NITView
Plus a few more minor fixes

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