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Howto upgrade VU +

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  • Howto upgrade VU +

    Box Upgrade

    Utilities and usages for upgrading your box
    You have two choices to upgrade firmware of your vu+ box.
    One is using PC program and the other is using USB memory stick.
    You can freely choose upgrade method at your convenience.
    Using PC

    Using USB memory stick
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    Flashing Your VU+ Duo With A USB Stick

    Easiest method is by USB make sure its formatted to fat32.

    1. Download the USB version of any image.

    2. Unrar and send the vuplus folder to your USB stick. Or in some cases you may need to make a folder named vuplus then inside that folder create another named duo. The send the boot, kernel and root file to the duo folder.

    3. Turn off the power at the back of the VU rear of the VU+ you'll find the switch near the power cable. Insert your USB stick in the front USB port.

    4. Turn back on the power.

    On the front display you'll see reading USB device, this takes a while then you'll see erasing then programming.

    It will then tell you to remove USB and reboot. Reboot with the power switch at the back.
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      Howto upgrade VU + Duo with a USB stick

      Thanks to LM for the howto, i do think it needs a few fixes
      So i made one a bit more extended, for the newbees and n00bies.
      And the ones who have had trouble with flashing their VU+.

      Flashing/upgrading your VU+ Duo With A USB Stick

      It is very simple to flash your VU+ Duo receiver using an USB stick. Just follow these instructions exactly:

      1. Format your USB stick with a FAT32 file system
      2. Create a folder “vuplus” in the root directory of the USB disk (note: this HAS to be lower case!)
      3. Create a folder “duo” in the “vuplus” directory you’ve just created (again, this HAS to be lower case!)
      4. Download the USB image of your choice (this is an image specific for USB flashing, you can not use the standard .nfi file!)
      5. Extract the USB image (it is a .zip archive) on your PC using your favorite unzip tool. (On windows you can use 7zip, it's 100% free)
      6. Copy the three files that are in the zip archive to the “duo” directory on the USB stick
      7. Switch your VU+ Duo off (power-off, not stand-by!)
      8. Insert the prepared USB stick into the front of your VU+ Duo receiver
      9. Switch your VU+ Duo on
      10. Follow the installation instructions on the screen
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