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06.11.19 Release Total Commander 9.50 beta 4

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  • 06.11.19 Release Total Commander 9.50 beta 4

    06.11.19 Release Total Commander 9.50 beta 4

      Fixed: Dark mode, synchronize dirs: Draw focused directory with dark text on white background (32/64)
        Fixed: cm_gotofirstentry and cm_gotofirstfile didn't update inactive cursor position (with SelectionFocus!=0) when Total Commander didn't have the focus (32/64)
        Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Empty dirs were sometimes not shown when there was a hidden directory elsewhere in the compared directories (32/64)
        Fixed: The dialogs of some plugins (e.g. SFTP: Properties) had garbled text in the title bar (reason: subclassing of dialog box class to intercept Ctrl+C from MessageBox) (32/64)
        Added: Find files: "F2 search in found files" now also searches in previously found folders (32/64)
        Fixed: Right click context menu on file in archive didn't support verbs from multiple internal associations (32/64)
        Fixed: Dark mode: Corrected look of sorting headers with themes disabled (64)
        Fixed: Dark mode: Buttons F3, F4 etc. looked different with flat buttons disabled and highlight color changed (32)
        Fixed: Dark mode, File lists: thumb box was too high with classic theme when there were a lot of items in the list (32/64)
        Fixed: FTP direct server to server transfers (FxP): Copying the timestamp could fail because it was sent to the wrong server (32/64)
        Fixed: Added: Allow to check both "Show square brackets [] around directories" and "Append " if the second one is checked first (DirBrackets=3 in wincmd.ini) (32/64)
        Fixed: Find files: Couldn't go back to previous searches when the search parameters were invalid, e.g. the start path didn't exist (32/64)
        Added: When adding new colors by file type, set the color for the other mode (dark/normal) too. Can be changed afterwards via Dark<>Normal button (32/64)
        Fixed: Dark mode: Draw breadcrumb bar dropdown list with thin 1 pixel border (32/64)
        Fixed: FTP server to server copy (FxP): use plain text connection via PROT C if the user has defined it in "Send commands" for the connection (32/64)
        Fixed: Internal command LOADSELECTION now looks for list file in active panel if no path is specified (32/64)
        Fixed: Configuration - Options: Set current directory to left path when opening configuration dialog (also in associate, internal associations, multi-rename, compare by content, user menu), for various file open dialogs (32/64)
        Fixed: Configuration - Options - Copy/Delete: Apply settings with VerifyEnabled=0 -> Option "Use Explorer delete" disappeared (32/64)
        Fixed: Alt+Tab during drag&drop no longer worked, the drag operation was aborted (32/64)
        Fixed: Dark mode: Lister main menu didn't switch from dark to normal mode after cm_SwitchDarkmode and activating lister (32/64)
        Fixed: Dark mode: Removed panel border also when there are no tabs (32/64)
        Fixed: Dark mode: Folder tabs: Only use highlight color for active tab borders, not for inactive tab borders (32/64)
        Fixed: Printing: Catch error "Access denied" (64)
        Fixed: Lister: "Define view method by file type" took precedence over command line paramter /S=L:Pplugin (32/64)
        Fixed: Right click on button bar shown as menu no longer opened the button context menu (32/64)
        Fixed: Dark mode: 2 buttons in "Change attributes" were not translated, as well as the buttons F3 and F4 in "Find files" (64)
        Fixed: Configuration - Button bar had wrong width for items in the upper list if there were too few items in the bar (32)
        Fixed: Find files: Uncheck option "F2 search in search results" when user clicks on "New search" (32/64)
        Added: FTP, Shift+F5 copy file within server: Support options "Copy via local PC" and "Preserve file dates" (32/64)
        Fixed: FTP server to server copy (FxP): Couldn't copy files between FTPS servers if they didn't support SSCN -> use plain text connection via PROT C (32/64)
        Fixed: Dark mode: Drive combobox had white background after connecting to FTP server (64)
        Fixed: Dark mode: Lister buttons in search and settings were not themed when Lister was started as a separate process via Totalcmd.exe /S=L  (32)
        Fixed: Dark mode: Crash when opening sub-menu in the main menu and not choosing any command (64)

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