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enigma2-plugin-skin-cerxfhd-mod_v2.2.1 Update v2.2.1

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  • enigma2-plugin-skin-cerxfhd-mod_v2.2.1 Update v2.2.1

    enigma2-plugin-skin-cerxfhd-mod_v2.2.1 Update v2.2.1

    - Fix infobar poster

    - Fix transparency movie list and EMC for the backdrops

    Simply install over it and reactivate skin parts


    - Install the plug-in Advanced Event Library (r55).

    - Install CerxFHDMod 2.2.

    - Old versions do not need to be uninstalled, only the skin parts have to be reactivated

    - VWeather should be installed for some skin parts if you activate them

    - Skin-like plugins:

    - AEL

    - serial recorder

    - EMC

    - Message center

    - YAMP

    - tmdb

    - Sky recorder

    - Media info

    - VWeather

    Update in 2.2

    New screens and skin parts for series planners and primetime planners in connection with the latest AEL update (from AEL r55)

    Customizable via skin part, including: colors of the channel lists, extra data, star colors.

    Fix channel selection fluid style progress bar.

    Fix movie player cover.

    New skin parts for movie list and EMC etc. with covers or posters.

    New skin parts for EventView, channel selection fluid style transparent

    New screens for EPGs in list style - Must be activated in the AEL plugin "Use AEL EPG list style".

    Different info bars

    New color styles, fonts and skin parts by thorlaf (thanks for that)

    Skinpart MiniTV - Attention: This only works if you have not activated any other skin parts for the channel list (except fluid style), movie list, EMC. VTI-Settings-GUI Page 3/3 Use picture-in-graphics (PiG), you have to activate.

    Recommended setting in the AEL plugin: Quality poster: 500x750 Quality cover: 780x430 Maximum size of the images: 200 kb. maximum JPEG compression: 50% - database in flash.

    If you have changed from another skin, please delete the thumbnails in the AEL plugin beforehand and have them re-created in CerxFHDMod.

    Load the cover / poster in the AEL plugin (r55) (menu key) from the AEL image server, then do a search, the thumbnails are scaled to the size set in the skin. And scrolling through the lists should work fine with 4k boxes.

    Creates a task in the VTI for the search in AEL and runs it at night. The first searches usually take 4-5 hours. Restrict the search to your main bouguet and your film / series folder, no IPTV or foreign channels, no data is found there. After 3-4 days, the search takes about 20 minutes

    - In the new lists Primetime and Series start planner, which you can find in the main menu, you can change the categories with the channel buttons +/-

    - In the AEL plugin you can activate the new EPG style with the thumbnails (use AEL list style) it replaces the normal EPG view

    - In the movie list and EMC there is one part for AEL and one for the plugin "backNCovers"

    The only difference:

    With the AEL version, the backdrops and covers are automatically loaded after a search, if they exist. Pay attention to your settings, if you set too low values in the AEL plugin, the backdrops will of course not look good.

    With the version for "backNcovers" the backdrops and covers have to be assigned manually.

    - For questions about AEL the covers and posters from AEL please use the AEL thread

    - If the skin crashes, please post crash log and which skin parts are used.

    Thanks Bueb


    (15.66 MB,

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    enigma2-plugin-skin-cerxfhd-mod_v2.2.2 Update v2.2.2

    - Fix Fritzbox FritzDectMain and FritzDectSettings Screens

    - minor adjustment to different skin parts

    - New skin parts:

    - Infobar Nightfall with Now / Next times

    - Channel selection Fluidstyle Mini TV

    - Movieselection and EMC with MiniTV and AEL posters

    - Channel selection with Mini TV and AEL posters

    (The separate skin part "MiniTV" does not have to be activated for this, was intrigued directly in the 3 new skin parts)

    (16.1 MB, download


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      - Bugfix

      thx schomi


      File Type: ipk enigma2-plugin-skin-cerxfhd_20200729_all.ipk (5.84 MB,


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        enigma2-plugin-skin-cerxfhd-mod_v2.3 Update v2.3

        -Fix incoming calls in FritzCall
        -New Skinparts channel list FluidStyle v1 - Switch to the right area with the PVR button. The 1st picture on the right side remains activated and you can scroll with the control keys right / left through the preview pictures and the information in the upper area then appears the following broadcasts. Requires AEl from r57
        -New Skinpart channel list without AEL images for those who only want extra data
        -New Style Nightfall transparent, is now a bit more transparent in all screens
        -Small adjustments in different places
        -AEL from r57 scrolls through the channel lists and movie lists much faster



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          Update 05.09.2020

          - Added option to display remaining time and end time by markers

          - Skinned Tetris plugin

          - minor changes and bug fixes

          thx schomi