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NCam 5.2-r1 (official) 14.09.2020

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  • NCam 5.2-r1 (official) 14.09.2020

    NCam 5.2-r1 (official) 14.09.2020

    Changelog v5.2-r1:
    - Rework code ref gbox_maxecmsend.
    - Fix sharing instability side effect.
    - [powervu] Fixed emm algo.
    - Fixed warning messages with high GCC 9.x.x
    - Fixed warning integer constant is too large for long type.
    - Add Newcamd NCam and MGcamd (Stealth mode)
    - Fixed gbox module ecm debug string error.
    - Add repeat to ask all gbox readers again during fallback time.
    - Fixed for CAK7 Cards HD03/04/05.

        ncam.mips Enigma2 - Mipsel (Gigablue, Dream, Vu+, Xtrend, Formuler...).
        ncam.mips-uclibc Enigma2 - Mipsel (Tiviar Plus 'firmware no enigma2', and similar).
        ncam.x86 Linux PC (32 bit - i686).
        ncam.x86_64 Linux PC (64 bit).
        ncam.x86_64-syn_atom Linux x86_64 (For Synology ATOM 64 bit).
        ncam.ppc Enigma1 - (Power PC - DM600, 7000, 7020, 7020si...).
        ncam.ppc-old Enigma1 - (Power PC OLD - DM500, 500S, DBox2...).
        ncam.sh4 Enigma2/Spark sh4 - (Golden Media, Galaxy Innovations, Amiko...).
        ncam.cortexa9hf-vfp-neon Enigma2 - (Cortex-A9 - Wetek, Vu+4K, Octagon 4k and similar).
        ncam.arm-raspbian ARM (Raspberry pi 3, Prismcube, TInkerboard and other similars).
        ncam.arm-android ARM (For Android ARM (API 24+)).
        ncam.arm-marvell ARM (Synology Armada 375 and similar).
        ncam.arm-armada37xx ARM (Synology Armada 37xx).
        ncam.arm-mca ARM (For Matrix CAM Air).
        ncam.arm-samsungtv ARM (For Samsung TV).
        ncam-router.mips Routers (Routers MIPSEL DD-WRT).
        ncam.router-openwrt-brcm47xx.mips Mips (Routers openwrt brcm47xx).
        ncam.router-openwrt-ar71xx.mips Mips (Routers openwrt ar71xx).
        ncam.router-openwrt-brcm63xx.mips Mips (Routers openwrt brcm63xx).
        ncam-x86_64-pc.exe Windows PC (64-bit) (You Need DLL cygwin1.dll in C:\Windows\System32).
        ncam-i686-pc.exe Windows PC (32-bit) (You Need DLL cygwin1.dll in C:\Windows\System32).
        ************************************************** ********** ***********************************
    Ncam settings web::

    Ncam Admin Control: (192.168.x.x or host-xx.org)
    user: root
    password: ldteam

    Important: Change xxxxxxxxxx (0-9 and A-F) on the NodeID. (Important to respect all 16 characters.

    Change serverip (CCcam) 192.168.xx.xx for the ip of the receiver.

    Config: /var/tuxbox/config
    SoftCam.Key: /var/tuxbox/config

    SoftCam.Key Not included!!
    The emulator is inactive for default.


    File Type: rar NCam_5.2-r1.rar (32.85 MB,