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How to install an image in neoboot The image

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  • How to install an image in neoboot The image

    How to install an image in neoboot The image is always installed from the flash level.

    How to install image in neoboot Download the image from the uploaded file without unpacking .zip
    you send via ftp to ImagesUpload
    0: / media / USB / ImagesUpload
    0: / media / HDD / ImagesUpload
    depending on the neoboot installation location

    Neoboot / Setting / Install

    When installing the cursor, you go to the installed image and confirm OK
    The tuner will start from the selected item
    NeoBoot 7 by gutosie DOWNLOAD https://www.sendspace.com/file/7std57
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    NeoBoot installation description
    I decided to describe the correct process of installing the neoboot program on STB tuners

    ATTENTION !!! The description applies to the neo installation in image OpenPli, because this image works best with the NeoBoot (a) project

    1. We install the openpli system in our tuner
    2. Plug the USB flash drive into the USB port, not larger than 16GB
    3. We do a complete reboot of the tuner
    4. If our disk is not in the ext format, we go from the remote control to the plugin and download from systemplugins devicemenager, install, after returning to Menu> Settings> System> Device Manager, select disk for formatting, press blue - Partitions, press yellow - Format, choose ext3, OK and wait until it's formatted.
    5. We do a complete reboot of the tuner.
    6. We check with the command:
    under which sd * 1 we have our drives, example:
    / dev / sda1 on / media / hdd type ext4
    / dev / sdb1 on / media / usb type ext4
    the mount command returns us with:
    sda1 is mounted under media / hdd and this is our HDD drive
    sdb1 is mounted under media / usb and this is our PENDRIVE drive

    if there is a problem, we can use the description of col. @XodoX here:
    [Url] http://forum.dvhk.to/showthread.php?t=318726&page=4 [/ url]
    7. Next you should give a label for the disks, we do it with a command for HDD
    tune2fs -L hdd / dev / sda1
    for USB
    tune2fs -L usb / dev / sdb1
    Important !!! if, for example, we have only a pendrive and no hard disk is connected, then it should be given to the pena label hdd so that the pendrive would be recognized by the system as hdd, with the following command:
    [code] tune2fs -L hdd / dev / sda1 [/ code]
    continue to create the movie directory with the command:
    [code] mkdir -p / media / hdd / movie [/ code]
    movie directory we create to be able to record

    after these treatments, it is good to give the tuner a deeply awake, by command:
    [Code] halt [/ code]

    Attention!!! we do not do any other activities related to installing devices on our tuner if we want to install a neoboot. It is also important to have disks attached from the very beginning which will be permanently in our stb.

    After waking up the tuner, we go to the NeoBoot installation

    1. We are doing a packet upgrade with the command:
    [code] opkg update [/ code]
    2. Install the curl package with the command:
    [code] opkg install curl [/ code]
    3. We install the neoboot project in the system with the command:
     curl -kLs https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gutosie/neoboot/master/iNB.sh|sh
     opkg update
    cd / tmp
    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gutosie/neoboot/master/iNB.sh
    chmod 0755 /tmp/iNB.sh
    The above command will install NeoBoot itself (a) after the E2 system should be restarted.

    4. Menu> NeoBoot and here press on the remote control successively, blue - Device Manager, ok, choose for example the cursor [i] Mount: / media / hdd Mount: / media / usb [/ i] and press green to save
    5. We return EXIT to the neoboot installation on a usb or hdd disk
    [Img] http://zapodaj.net/images/6297effa260d0.jpg [/ img]
    6. We choose on which medium we want to have neo and install -OK

    Recommended installation on a pendrive, because in the case if any image does not start up, simply unplug the pen and restart the tuner manually, it should start the system with flash, otherwise we will unscrew the HDD: wesołek:

    It is important that for weaker machines with a small amount of memory to create a swap, the appropriate tool for creation can be found in the SytemTolls plugin, for installation from the remote control.

    That's all
    [Img] http://s5.ifotos.pl/img/neoinstal_qxwwhrs.jpg [/ img]
    recommended installation with the command !!! because the installation command will give appropriate permissions to files, without this the neoboot will not work properly or not at all

    [COLOR = "Red"] PROBLEMY AND LEK [/ COLOR] read below ...

    if image does not start in neoboot and we have a telnet or shh (putty) connection then to return to flash, you can try to use the command:

    mount -a
    ln -sf "init.sysvinit" "/ sbin / init"
    echo "Flash"> /media/neoboot/ImageBoot/.neonextboot
    reboot -f [/ code]

    on kernel (u) from VTi or BH we will not run the image from a different model than from what we have, which is why I recommend openpli

    if you have problems installing image on the mips processor, please delete the file nandsim.ko from the location / lib / modules / * / kernel / drivers / mtd / nand /
    and necessarily install swap and run

    if you do not lose the image and we have a continuous return to flash mimi that we choose a different image then:
    - having HDD and USB do not have in both locations / media / usb / i / media / hdd folders ImageBoot and ImagesUpload, if we have this one we get rid of
    - check if the location:
    / etc in the file fstab.org we have this:
    [CODE] rootfs / auto defaults 1 1
    proc / proc proc defaults 0 0
    devpts / dev / pts devpts mode = 0620, gid = 5 0 0
    usbdevfs / proc / bus / usbdevfs noauto 0 0
    tmpfs / var / volatile tmpfs defaults 0 0 [/ CODE]

    if it is different, we delete everything from the 6th line
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      New neo 5 installation with patches in the link below:
      >>> <<< NeoBoot
      can be installed on tuners with arm and mips processor
      neo 5 we do not install as in the description, there is another version on the git, the other recommendations are unchanged, the description in the footer, if you are installing for the first time, please read the description
      uninstall the previous ver. from the remote control or after ftp delete, there is no need to format the hdd or pena usb disk, the previous installed image may be on the disk
      install with the command:

       / bin / tar -xzvf /tmp/*.tar.gz -C /
      restart E2 and reinstall the neoboot
      after installation, run NeoBoot and update the plug-in on all image in the menu
      you can install for arm image for test from other tuners like, for example, satlodge-7.0r1-h7, gigabluequad4k, hdf-6.4-mutant51 etc ...
      in case when it does not start image, I suggest vuplus tuners to press the power button on the remote for a dozen or so seconds until the tuner itself reboots, as we will see that it does restart releasing guziol power
      This is test so there may be errors