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VU+ HOW BlackHarmony Skin Installation Instructions

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  • VU+ HOW BlackHarmony Skin Installation Instructions

    VU+ HOW BlackHarmony Skin Installation Instructions NOTE: By following all the points described below, you gain access to current skin and UserSkin plugins updates

    along with software updates of the used software. If such will be made public.

    At the beginning, REMEMBER how to deal with problems with any skin, such as a looped start or similar:

    1. Connect to the tuner via ftp, when it does not work re-install soft!

    2. if there is a directory / usr / share / enigma2 / <Skin name> / mySkin delete it and restart the tuner

    3. if the above did not help, enter the directory / etc / enigma2 / and delete all files with the skin_user member in the name and the xml extension and finally restart the tuner

    4. if it did not help, change the name, or delete the whole skin directory, ie / usr / share / enigma2 / <Skin name>, restart the tuner.

    NOTE: after this operation, the tuner will return to the standard skin

    5. if it did not help, the last chance step is to change the name (we do not delete any treasures, it may still be useful) / etc / enigma2 / settings file to some other one and restart the tuner.

    NOTE: after this operation, the tuner will start up as if it had just been installed soft

    6. At the end of it always but always we give the author a skins logo from GS, because only this log can help in removing the error

    Installation of the opkg repository for VTI:

    1. download the file http://j00zek.one.pl/opkg-j00zka/j00...ti_1.2_all.ipk

    2. upload to / tmp

    3. install with the command "opkg install /tmp/j00zeks-opkg-feed-vti_1.2_all.ipk"

    Activation of opkg repository for openATV:

    1. Green key or from the menu you choose "plug-in browser"

    2. Being in the plug-in browser, press the "menu" key

    3. At the bottom there is a "user feed url" where you enter:

    · Code: user feed url = http://j00zek.one.pl/opkg-j00zka/

    · In the word "language" there are two zeros, in words: zero, do not enter like Ola, only zero

    · After entering a url from point 3 press the green "save" key

    Installation of the "Black Harmony mod j00zek" skin with the remote control:

    1. Access the plug-in browser

    2. Install the package -j00ex-j00zekopkgmgr

    3. Restart the GUI

    4. Access the plug-in browser

    5. Go to the "Alternative OPKG manager" plugin

    6. Select the option "Prepared by your friend and friends"

    7. Install the blackharmony skin

    (Re) Installation of the "Black Harmony mod j00zek" skin from the terminal:

    1. start the terminal

    2. issue the command "opkg update; opkg install --for-install enigma2-plugin-extensions - j00ex-userskin enigma2-plugin-skins - j00ex-blackharmonyfhd;"

    3. Select the skin in the menu

    Activation of the "Black Harmony mod j00zek" skin additions:

    1. In VTI go to Menu> Configuration> System> Modify BlackHarmony skin

    2. In OpenATV, go to Menu -> Configuration -> Service and Interface -> Modify BlackHarmony skin

    3. Set "Activate skin customization" to Yes

    4. In VTI, set "Safe Mode" to Yes (enabling this mode protects the user against the effect of looping at startup if you choose incompatible with the system modification)

    5. Choose interesting modifications under the yellow button

    DOWNLOAD https://github.com/j00zek/eePlugins

    For the brave: dev
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