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enigma2-plugin-extensions-EPGImport-mod-dorik1972 UPDATE 1.7

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  • enigma2-plugin-extensions-EPGImport-mod-dorik1972 UPDATE 1.7

    enigma2-plugin-extensions-EPGImport-mod-dorik1972 UPDATE 1.7

    1) The EPG event import logic has been redesigned. Now, after importing events, eEPGCache is reset to a data file.
    This is done so that if for some reason the system crashes, for any reason, then there will be no loss of EPG data.
    In the case of DM, first we dump the current eEPGCache into a db file, update it and then load it into the current cache again.
    In both cases, eEPGCache time is updated to display the latest information about events on the screen.
    2) Completely rewritten built-in skins for 1080 and 720 resolution in the same style and size (special thanks to oleg8000 from gislub.tv)
    These skins will be available only when there are no skins for the EPGImport plugin in your image
    3) The code responsible for displaying the log "on the screen" at the time of the update has been redone/supplemented.
    Now the information is automatically updated every 3 seconds
    4) Increased download timeout to 60 sec for XMLTV files
    5) Minor code changes and reorganization

    As always works on any image of any platform and on any version of Python

    File Type: ipk enigma2-plugin-extensions-EPGImport-mod-dorik1972_1.7_all.ipk (150.2 KB, https://uploadfile.pl/pokaz/2186251---y2dj.html File Type: deb enigma2-plugin-extensions-EPGImport-mod-dorik1972_1.7_all.deb (121.0 KB, 0 views) https://uploadfile.pl/pokaz/2186252---pouz.html

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    enigma2-plugin-extensions-EPGImport-mod-dorik1972 Version 1.8

    ● Fixed formation of ExpandableSectionList for DreamOS. Now it looks the same as on the other images
    ● The XMLTV event parsing logic now takes into account the value of the "Keep Outdated EPG events" parameter, which is set in the EPG settings of the image you use. If there is no such setting, which is unlikely, then by default this parameter is 3 hours
    ● Fixed XMLTV parsing algorithm with "sub-title" nodes

    Thanks Dorik1972


    File Type: ipk enigma2-plugin-extensions-EPGImport-mod-dorik1972_1.8_all.ipk (150.5 KB, https://uploadfile.pl/pokaz/2186576---mq05.html

    File Type: deb enigma2-plugin-extensions-EPGImport-mod-dorik1972_1.8_all.deb (121.2 KB, https://uploadfile.pl/pokaz/2186577---tzbb.htm


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      EPGImport mod from Dorik1972 Version 1.8.1

      1) Fixed postrm script in control package causing an error when uninstalling the plugin
      2) Fixed "Nonetype object" error when parsing some channels.xml from rytec group
      3) A set of fresh EPG sources for European countries from the rytec group added


      File Type: ipk enigma2-plugin-extensions-EPGImport-mod-dorik1972_1.8.1_all.ipk (151.3 KB, https://uploadfile.pl/pokaz/2187121---8t5j.html File Type: deb enigma2-plugin-extensions-EPGImport-mod-dorik1972_1.8.1_all.deb (122.0 KB, https://uploadfile.pl/pokaz/2187123---wlaj.html