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Replacement for db 500-s?

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  • Replacement for db 500-s?


    I'm looking for a replacement for my db 500-s, and is checking out the Openbox S9HD and S10HD.

    Does those boxes work as good as the dreambox, and is they better or worse than the dreambox?

    What are the pros and the cons of the boxes?

    Hope anyone is able to give me a little help on the way of getting a new box :-) would like to be able to watch some HD channels :-)

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    It depend on what you want to use it for , if you have connection to a CCcam or mgcam / newcamd server , its just as good as a HD dreambox .

    If you are freak who want all other kinds off stuff , go for a dreambox .
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      I'm gonna use it for a connection to a CCcam server - and as long as it works like the dreambox - I don't need all the things the dreambox can do! As long as it has a recording, teletext and subtitle function.

      How stabile is the software compared to the dreambox? Is it depending on the version of the Openbox; S9HD or S10HD?

      Which one of the Openbox to choose? And the cost of the boxes?

      Have read that there was a link on this site where to buy it...


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        Currently S9HD is stable with danish subtitels , this is still a issue on S10HD .

        I preffer S10HD menus ( it have 3 row channel list ) . My guess is in the future S10HD will be the better box , ( it can also use S9HD firmware .

        You can order it here http://dream-zone.dk/webshop/ just write S10HD in additional ( default is for S9HD )
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          I would like the box to work 100%, so I might go for another box!

          Have a Dreambox 500 HD in mind, but have been looking on a VU+ Uno too.... Is that a good box and can it run CCcam? It's a little cheaper than the Dreambox 500 hd.


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            good sb for the price

            but NO ccam server only client

            work with diablo cam , dongle ,


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              Replacement for db 500 s

              My TM5402HD died, looking for a replacement I think TM5402HD quite old model now what is the replacement to it now?
              I like the interface of TM5402HD so looking for something similar, I think there is similar box with iptv add on but I forgot the name.
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