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    PCEditor for IP Box

    PCEditor for IP Box
    Changelog PCEditor 1.2.53, 18.10.2009
    - New: Support for database revision R11014
    - New: Option for saving channel switching mode, see PCEditor Settings/General
    - New: Show number of favourites in favourite group name
    - Fixed: Save column order didn´t work for CubeCafe receivers
    - Fixed: Message for duplicate favourites when adding favourites now only for first duplicate favourite
    - Fixed: Channel list was not updated when adding favourites to favourite group/favourite group list on HD receivers
    - Fixed: Leading zeros for channel names are now also shown in favourite groups
    - Fixed: Adding favourite was possible when no favourite group existed
    Changelog PCEditor, 19.10.2009:
    - Fixed: Upload of channel database R11014 doesn´t work and many other problems concerning the new database revision

    DREAMBOX 8000 HD
    IP BOX 9000 HD

    All files and posts are for educational purposes only... !!!


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      PCEditor, 10.12.2009
      Eccolo, come promesso, con importanti novità:

      Changelog PCEditor 1.2.55:

      * - New: Support for database R11255
      * - New: Update database R11014 to R11255 (utilissimo per convertire i settings precedenti nell'ultima versione del DataBase)
      * - New: Not using Raw Sockets for the ping anymore. As this needed admin rights under Vista, the ping under Vista without admin rights should now work.
      * - Fixed: SQL statements in PCEditor can now have 32768 characters
      * - Fixed: New KingOfSat import format supported
      * - Fixed: Sometimes .csv import crashed PCEditor
      * - Fixed: Wrong symbol rate and frequency when importing dreambox settings
      * - Fixed: When searching, radio buttons for tv and radio are not shown anymore
      * Update
      * - Fixed: cutting symbol rate and frequency when importing KingOfSat files: dietro mia segnalazione l'autore ha prontamente risolto il problema evidenziato...



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        PCEditor 1.2.57.Alpha.Neumo

        This is a public Alpha version supporting the latest Neumo database 1.22.1.

        Currently not supported are favourite groups and providers/bouquets.

        This will be implemented next.
        Rearranging channels is done like in the image but will be enhanced later on.

        Please be aware that this is an Alpha version so it is very likely that there are still many bugs.

        Backup your database often to avoid a loss of your database.

        PCEditor may make your database unusable. You have been warned!!

        This version supports only the Neumo 1.22.1 database and can not be used for other receivers!!
        Simply copy this file to your PCEditor directory. In case of any problem don´t hesitate to send a bug report.

        Please download at www.pceditor.de

        I will upload new versions to www.pceditor.de without notice.

        Cheers, JonDoe

        Danke JonDoe

        DREAMBOX 8000 HD
        VU+DUO HD
        IP BOX 9000 HD

        All files and posts are for educational purposes only... !!!


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          I have problems uploading channel lists to my ipbox900hd reciever using pc editor version 1.2.56 in windows xp. Seems like the version is not compatible with windows xp.
          Does anyone know which version is compatible with windows XP?
          thanks in advance.


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            PCEditor 1.2.58, 01.07.2010

            * New: editor (menu tools)
            * New: Online transponder import from KingOfSat
            * New: Set maximum frequency deviation for identical transponders when importing from KingOfSat
            * New: Backup via USB device (HD receivers only)
            * New: Resize splitter panes in NIT Edit
            * Fixed: Receiver settings for VIZYON 8000 HD could not be created
            * plus a few more minor fixes

            The schedule editor supports all HD receivers as well as database revisions 1.18/1.19/1.20 from the 200s/400s and 1.22 from the latest Neumo release.

            The backup via USB device is for receivers without hard disk. As the all_noboot image is too large to fit into flash memory, it is now possible to use the USB device as a temporary storage. The backup will finally be copied to the computers hard disk. When backing up via USB device please be very patient as this can last several minutes.

            Danke John Doe

            DREAMBOX 8000 HD
            VU+DUO HD
            IP BOX 9000 HD

            All files and posts are for educational purposes only... !!!