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HOW to delete Enigma 2 from AZBOX

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  • HOW to delete Enigma 2 from AZBOX

    Hello can someone help me? I installed kernel hd azbox Enigma 2 on premium and I do not know how to revert to previous version original!

    Hallo ma poate ajuta cineva ? Am instalat kernel de Enigma 2 pe Azbox hd premium si nu stiu cum sa revin la versiunea anterioara originala !!

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    Switch off AZBox
    Put usb stick with patch.bin (Official FW)
    switch on AZBox
    wait for IP adress on VFD of AZBox
    Start latest ver of AZUp
    Write IP adress in AZUp (see VFD)
    Click on button Update
    AZUp check for resque mode, also check ver of patch.bin (E2 or official fw)
    AZUp Create 4 partition on DOM and formatted them
    Copyng Official (old) kernel in Flash (about 2.5 min)
    when get popup msg - first part of update is done, but dont remove USB stick from AZBOX
    wait for reboot , and follow messages on GUI for update official FW (standard procedure)