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    Alien 2/STi 7162 and PurE2 v. 6.5 test

    I got my Alien2 back, after a few years, heh... Here are the results...



    Patience is the word one can not overstate with these old beauties... They have their own... rhythm...


    Get the image for Alien2 and unpack it onto a USB stick formatted in FAT32.

    Switch OFF Alien2 at the back switch.

    Then, USB stick is pushed at the back port of Alien2.

    We PRESS AND HOLD the OK button on the A2 front panel, when we switch ON the receiver at the back switch.

    When you see FORC on LED let go of the OK button and press the > (right) button next to OK button.

    The installation starts and last some 5 minutes...

    Booting might last a bit, too, kinda stuck on 34 or 39 (starting home network?), then 49 (it's starting PurE2 at that point)... PATIENCE!

    Go make yourself a drink or summat...

    When I finally figured out that it is not going past the 49% I figured out that the HDMI cable was not agreeable with my Alien2, so I changed it and then I could start playing...

    One starts configuring PurE2 at that point... language, HDMI, network etc. Past the wizard and then the real fun starts after a reboot...

    I have not killed off the Spark OS/partition. But I only use Enigma2 with PurE2 v. 6.5.

    ================================================== ===================

    First, I have added a 32GB USB stick partitioned in 2: HDD partition of 30GB and 2GB for USB partition, for Flash Expander.

    Then, I installed Flash and Expander and Swap Manager 2 (this one creates a permanent Swap, as opposed to the built-in Swap Manager) from PurE2 feeds (MENU > Plugins > Extensions and System Apps, respectively). Then, I put them to good use...

    Done like this: How to expand ROM and RAM in PurE2

    And this: Structuring PurE2: mounting devices/partitions in Device Manager, what to send where!

    I created 512 MB SWAP file on partition 1, because Flash Expander went to USB partition 2.

    ...and in (poor quality) images (had to do it with my phone as WebIF is a bit much for an old Alien2...)


    Sat TV is fine!

    IPTV via Ciefp's channel list works fine when Exteplayer3 is chosen in ServiceApp.

    OLM-FNC (and similar plugins) is working fine...

    Playback from NAS on home network is great!

    Image quality is fabulous!

    Oldie but goldie...

    Thanks to Gorski for the original post
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    sigpicI did it my way

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    OK, a slightly different approach: trying not to overload the old lady, so no Flash Expander, no Image Manager by Vasiliks, strictly straight from the flash...

    Please, note: this is despite the fact that my old Alien2 has a bit of an "old wound" (capacitors are cranky, so hiccups occur occasionally...)...

    This is what I did, broadly speaking:

    -I loaded it with a rather large channels list by Ciefp (some 14 or so satellites and IPTV channels, streaming films, radio and so on)

    -I used USB 3.0 stick as an HDD

    -latest PurE2 v. 6.5

    -no Flash Expander

    -SWAP Manager 2 (with 256MB SWAP file)

    -no picons

    -no EPG Import, only whatever I get from the satellite

    -some FNC plugins (not all!) - and those few I installed also got me these other bits and pieces installed:

    -Media Player 2 (I deleted the usual version),

    And it all works, as shown above, if a little slowly...

    See some screenshots...
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      OK, here is a little demo of the old lady's capabilities... As I said, slow but steady and great quality - she knows da business!!!

      Sat TV and streaming (IPTV channels in Ciefp's list), as you can see here...

      Alien2 PurE2 sat TV and IPTV sample


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        Now, some much newer and stronger machines can't do this... Notice the instant FF with no. 6, flawless performance!!!

        Demo of Alien2 with PurE2 playback from NAS: DVD sample


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          And then, a little demonstration of playback from NAS (on home network, shared folders)...

          Demo Alien2 with PurE2 playback from NAS...


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            And finally, I was gonna demonstrate how cool some FNC plugins are with streaming but YT blocked it, so here is YouTube by Taapat plugin instead...

            Alien2 with PurE2 streaming, YouTube plugin by Taapat demo

            My colleague, Livio Berak playing live a song he probably watch me do, when he was a boy... And look at him now! :EVERYD~313: :EV012E~133: