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A proposal: criteria for DVB-S/C/T HD & multimedia device comparison...

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  • A proposal: criteria for DVB-S/C/T HD & multimedia device comparison...

    So, what are the criteria for the comparison?

    Please, add to this or correct me [after all, I am from Humanities, an amateur, not a professional in technical sciences] - but I propose the following... for now...

    1) Processor
    -is it safe to overclock and by how much, not to destabilise the receiver?
    -A-V codecs already at the HW level [licences paid for by the designing/manufacturing company]?

    2) Motherboard
    -capable of twin tuner function?
    -can it handle Picture-in-Picture [PiP]?
    -streaming supported properly [the "South Bridge" capable of data throughput necessary for high bitrate streams?]?
    -expansion slots [memory and tuners]?
    -how much memory?
    -HDMI loopthrough?

    3) Tuners
    -twin tuner function - how many channels can be recorded at the same time [given one has twin LNBs on a dish]?
    -sensitivity to weak signal?
    -blindscan [HW or SW based], thoroughness and speed of doing so?
    -PnP or built into the motherboard?
    -4:2:2 supported?
    -all DiSEqC protocols fully supported [including v. 1.1, with at least 16 twin LNBs]?

    4) How many card readers/CI slots
    -universal built-in card readers?
    -compatibility with all CI CAMs?

    5) HDD/PVR function
    -compatibility [internal, external]?
    -power supply sufficient for all the tasks, including powering up the external HDDs without their own power supply and the cooling fan?
    -versatility/functionality [recording from deep standby, recording from EPG, pause etc.]
    -reading from/writing to NTFS formatted disk?

    6) Multimedia
    -how many audio, visual and audio-visual formats are supported and how [on the level of HW or by SW/plugins]?
    -streaming supported in all directions [from the receiver to a PC or vice versa - external HDD -> USB, eSATA, PC or NAS to receiver]?
    -synced properly or controls to sync it manually present?
    -no problems with high bitrate A-V files [stuttering or freezing, not synced etc.]?

    7) Support
    -all the necessary tools given to the community?
    -how many teams are writing for a receiver?
    -which OS's are supported [original, perhaps non-Linux, Enigma2, Neutrino]?
    -support servers are stable and always online, with everything written for a receiver already waiting there for easy and efficient download directly into a receiver and installation [from OS to Emulators/CS SW, EPG, subtitles and all manner of other plugins]?

    8) Price [all inclusive] and warranty
    -clones rarely have warranty
    -additional, excessive Postage & Packaging costs?
    -HDMI cable included?

    9) Remote control
    -quality of build?
    -full functionality [unmapped, "dead" buttons?]?

    10) CS support [more than just CCcam]
    -card reader?
    -managers/built-in editors [all via remote] for all those?

    11) Company attitude towards customers
    -interested in what customers have to say?
    -promptness in acting towards remedying potential problems?
    -taking responsibility for its [in]actions?

    12) Price
    -value for money?
    -quality of build?
    -long-term support?

    13) Does it also wash the dishes and keep the dog quiet? :rofl