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Multiboot FlashOnline by Madhouse (python2/3)

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  • Multiboot FlashOnline by Madhouse (python2/3)

    Multiboot FlashOnline by Madhouse (python2/3)

    Multiboot FlashOnline supports all Enigma2 stb with the Multiboot option

    Supported stb: abpulse4k, abpulse4kmini, anadolmulti, anadolmultitwin, axmulticombo, axmultitwin, beyonwizv2, Gigablue gbquad4k - gbip4k - gbtrio4k, Zgemma h10 - h102h - h102s - h10combo - h11 - h112h - h11s - h7 - h9combo - h9twin - h9combose - h9se - h92hse -i55se, Mutant hd51 - hd60 - hd61, Ax51 - Ax60 - Ax61, Hd66, maxytecmulti, maxytecmultise, multibox, multiboxse, novaler4k, pulse4k, Octagon sf8008 - sf8008m, ustym4kpro, viper4k

    For decoders with the latest recovery on board (Eg: Sf8008 - Gbtri4k etc ...) it is possible to create further partitions (6-8-10-12-14-16) by connecting a external unit (MicroSd).

    On the created partitions it is possible to flash the chosen image.

    For decoders where it is NOT possible to install the latest recovery, the chosen image can only be installed on the 4 slots available on the flash.

    Special thanks go to:zorro71, Miky1964, saw_enigmista, SkyRun1973, StixMax for the continuous tests carried out and for the constant support.

    FTP the ipk to:

    Send this telnet command via PuTTy:

    opkg install /tmp/enigma2-plugin-extensions-multiboot-flashonline_3.8_all.ipk
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