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Surfshark VPN Manager by Murxer

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  • Surfshark VPN Manager by Murxer

    First of all: https://support.surfshark.com/hc/en-...-with-Enigma2-

    Here is how you can get your Surfshark service credentials:​

    Go to this page, where you will find all of the details required for a manual connection.

    You may need to log in before proceeding to this page.

    In that case, enter your email address and your password, then click Log in.

    Click on the Credentials tab at the top.

    You will find the Surfshark service credentials here.

    Once you've got it one can use Murxer's plugin for Enigma2 like so...


    murxer wrote:

    With this plugin you have the possibility to use the VPN provider SurfSharkVPN on your box, only possible with a subscription from the provider.

    ​​ 1.png



    ​Configs are imported in the menu using the green button (no access data are required for this)

    resolv-update-conf is also included in the plugin, so the provider's DNS servers are always used

    IPTables - Killswitch is supported

    You can choose between TCP and UDP in the menu

    Access data:

    1:You enter your access data in the settings

    2:You create a file in /media/hdd or /media/usb, this must be named surfsharkvpnauth.

    This surfsharkvpnauth file should only consist of 2 lines, these are



    If you now open the settings, these access data will also be used.

    ​Access data for the VPN connection are not the access data for the browser login.

    ​You can find the access data for the VPN connection in the SurfShark control center.

    ​If IPTables is active and there is no VPN connection, the IP query no longer works either.

    ​IPTables will only be installed if you select IPTables in the menu, if there are problems with the installation, you will get a message.

    Not all boxes/images support IPTables, you have to contact your image creator for this.

    ​Please make sure that you deactivate other VPN plugins and also switch off the autostart.

    ​There are also no configs in the plugin, you have to import them in the menu first.

    Only for Dreamboxes:

    Anyone who has installed the Assistance plug-in can also obtain information from this plug-in.

    To do this, simply use the info button in the plugin.


    FTP packages depending on the OE on the box to /tmp

    OE2.5 OE2.6:

    apt-get update
    dpkg -i /tmp/*.deb
    apt-get -f install


    opkg update
    opkg install /tmp/*.ipk
    I don't have an account with SurfShark myself and I only tested the plugin briefly once.

    As always with problems, just report.


    Have fun with it.



    P.S. Thanx to Urie: do not create .txt file but auth file, like the one attached to this post, together with the plugin itself...
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    OK, here's a little "how to" from me...

    Until we put the plugin into our feed - use the plugin and "surfsharkvpnauth" file attached to the top post of this thread.

    Using FileZilla Client (this is called FTP protocol), send the enigma2-plugin-extensions-surfsharkvpn_1.0.3_all.ipk file to /tmp folder of your STB...

    ...and install the plugin using your RCU (remote control unit).

    MENU > Setup > Software Management > Install local extension > Memory /tmp > choose a file (by pressing the OK button) > green button to install it.

    The result is...

    Now, prepare your surfsharkvpnauth file (you will find in the top post of this thread) with the details you will find in your Surfshark account. Follow this link: https://my.surfshark.com/vpn/manual-setup/router​ - you need the login details generated for you (not the ones you chose when you created your Surfshark account), as explained on that page!

    Use those details generated for you by Surfshark (username and password they give you) and place them into surfsharkvpnauth file, using Notepad++ app (as 2 simple lines in the file) and then save it. (Do not save it as .txt file! Just press the "save" button!)

    Now, then: FTP into your STB (using FileZilla Client) and send surfsharkvpnauth file to the root of a USB memory stick, which is attached to your STB.

    This is what you should see...

    Restart your STB and go to MENU > Plugins > Surfshark Manager and press MENU button again and you will see the general settings. Edit those settings like this:

    Press the GREEN button to IMPORT THE UDP CONFIG FILES FROM SURFSHARK. This is the result...

    Press OK and EXIT button, I think, to get to the main Surfshark Manager plugin menu, which then looks like this:

    Choose a VPN server, then press OK button to start it and wait until it establishes a connection - it looks like this...

    I would recommend restarting your STB at this point, just in case...

    When your STB is up and running again, go to MENU > pManager > Network and observe details like this...

    You are now PROTECTED against snooping by anyone AND you can open geo-blocked content, too!

    After that, check your speed by using Franc's Speedtest-FNC Plugin: MENU > PurE2 Plugins > Speedtest-FNC and press OK button, then wait... In my case it looks like this, via Manchester (UK) Surfshark VPN server:

    Enjoy the best VPN service for us, in the hobby, given it has tons of servers around the world, to serve anyone really well - and it allows for unlimited devices to be connected to your account....