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Zgemma H9S SE is (almost) out!!!

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  • Zgemma H9S SE is (almost) out!!!

    Thanx to Zgemma, I just got a sample!!! Please, do NOT ask me about pricing - I have no clue as of this moment!

    Here are some images and a video, as to how it should look/function...

    It came without Android installed, which should be released soon...

    Enigma2/OpenATV is kinda OK, functioning well...






    This is what it ought to look like, the functioning of Android and E2:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNb7jj9yuN4&ap=%2526fmt=18" width="644" height="390">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNb7jj9yuN4&ap=%2526fmt=18" />BORKED

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    ​How to flash Android into Zgemma H9S SE

    1) Download an Android build from

    - https://jungle-team.com/instalar-and...h9s-se/​ (older version, base 8?)

    - https://wetransfer.com/downloads/981...​​ (newer version, base 9).

    2) Clean USB stick, formatted in FAT32 > put it here, unzipped (into the root of it).

    3) Shove it into your powered OFF H9S SE.

    4) Press POWER button on your REMOTE CONTROL UNIT​ (RCU) and HOLD IT!

    5) ​Turn ON your H9S SE by pressing the WHITE button at the back of the rec.

    6) Wait 'till you see "HiSilicon" logo or "red A" logo on the LED of your rec, then let go of your RCU.

    7) You will see BOOTMENU! Go to "Bootmenu" at the bottom > press OK > "Flash local image"!

    8) Navigate to your USB stick and the Android (or Enigma2) file​ and press OK. It starts immediately!

    9) "Flashing complete" appears > "Bootmenu" > "Boot Android"!

    10) If it doesn't work (doesn't boot), do it once (or even twice) more, immediately!​

    11) When it boots one must configure Android,addons/plugins, Satellite TV part and so on and on...

    P.S. If you wanna flash Android from within Android, rename the file to "update.zip" and do it from Settings > About > Local update > find your USB stick, i.e. where you put your update.zip file > OK.


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      OK, ROKKR application (under Android but also under Winblows and Linuxom etc.) works well in this machine!

      1) Find Mozilla Firefox browser in Aptoid and install it.

      2) Choose in Firefox settings "DuckDuckGO" as a search engine,

      2a) install Ad Blocker etc. and then

      2b) write ROKKR in address/search area.

      3) Go to the original ROKKR page (none other!), then

      4) download Rokkr v. 1.7.1 (as if it is a normal PC browser).

      5) Go to the upper right corner, to Download and install it...

      6) When you start the app, go to the middle and write the link: huhu.to

      and then OK, and then there's a drop-down menu (upper right). Choose and play ("BALKAN" for me!)

      processed.jpeg Kodi got a little bit too old and slow, sadly...


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        Protect yourself with VPN (under Android, too!)....

        VPN protection.jpg


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          Here's a little something for Balkanic barstewards like mebadself...