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General PurE2 setup - a helping hand...

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  • General PurE2 setup - a helping hand...

    PurE2 will be supported by yours truly, the only (or at least the first) person on Earth who previously wrote a comprehensive tutorial for Enigma2, CamD's, CS, streaming, playback and all the worts..

    PurE2 in pictures... Later on in words, too, hehe..

    (Every Lidl helps...:rofl)

    Note: for mounting USB devices, restart from the second option, not from fstab, as in the screenshot, by mistake...


    My setup is for a static (T90 + 1 more dish for 30W) dish, with 12 QUAD LNBs and 4 x DiSEqC switches (DiSEqC v. 1.1)...


    We actually have PiG and it's in MENU > Setup > System > EPG > Graphical EPG...

    It's called a PiG (Picture in Graphics, as opposed to PiP) and I don't think we have it (I haven't bothered in a long time, I must say)...

    It's not a resized, smaller, clear picture of a TV channel, more in the background but at least you are listening, while you browse/ZAP..

    PurE2 is a very cool, malleable skin
    Have a look at MENU > Plugins > Estuary (skin) config.... Very cool and flexible! From main skin menu, to background, to colours etc. etc.

    Plugins > Estuary config >

    Menu section > Menu Style > I choose Icon Wall to have all the options at a glance but you have other possibilities, like Shift, Shift Horizon, Verby and Standard

    Choose Background Wallpaper (no. 4 for me)

    etc. etc.

    Weather plugin > OK > MENU button > yellow to edit > write your town's name > yellow to search for the code > choose... > save...

    Remote button settings

    They are in different places, if memory serves...
    Have a look at System > Keyboard/RC> Button setup (EPG > I choose MultiEPG), plus Extra button setup, where you can do a lot, if you're that fussy...

    Also at User Interface > UI Settings...

    PurE2 FNC plugins by Franc

    Can't remember now how to (more) directly use IMDb-FNC (one of the special plugins by Franc in MENU > PurE2 Plugins) but you can get better info re. content you wanna watch...

    But you can press Info > MENU button > Search with IMDb-FNC > choose...


    (This is the link to the relevant post of mine) PowerVU config files for oscam-emu

    (Edit the config files using, for instance, Notepad++ (freeware)...)

    It is running pretty swell!!!

    And it has a whole section on this forum, which I find excellent!!!

    OSCam Info on your screen

    If you want a skin interface for OSCam it's to be done in Skin config (Plugins > Estuary config > Infobar widget = ECM Info + PIDs and

    Setup > System > User Interface > UI > Show OSCam Info in extensions = yes. You must set it up properly: normal TV channel > blue button > OSCam Info > Setup > Read user data... = no; Automatically... = no, 10 sec, for instance; green button to save. Exit and go back to it and enjoy...

    Indeed, this is the point: enjoy messing about...

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    Picture in Graphics (PiG) setup

    "Channel preview" means PiG (Picture in Graphics) - that option we do not have in PurE2's Estuary skin, other than transparency set to about 50% or so in MENU > Plugins > Estuary config...

    You can try with another skin - but I do not know if ALL PurE2 specific functions will work with other skins (FNC plugins in particular)...

    PiG will be found in:

    MENU > Plugins > green button to download more stuff > Skins > choose a skin like

    -AX_Blue_FHD_4ATV or

    -Aeon_FHD or

    -PLi-FullHD), then

    change the skin in User Interface > Skin... or

    pManager > Video/OSD/Skin > Change skin > confirm the suggested action, to restart E2.

    When PurE2 restarts, you must go to:
    MENU > Setup > System > Channel Selection settings >
    Channel list preview = yes +
    Channel list show Mini TV > Yes >
    green button to save and then
    Exit to go to
    Standby menu to
    Restart E2.

    DO NOT REMOVE THE DEFAULT PURE2 ESTUARY SKIN, as some of its libs will be used by other skins!!!


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      One more thing I forgot...

      Important: CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD AFTER INSTALLATION, using PuTTy (in Telnet protocol, port will be 23):

      After installation of PurE2 image your login details are:

      username = root (hit Enter button on your keyboard)

      password = pure2 (> Enter, as above).

      To change the password type: passwd (be careful!)

      Now, enter the new password (5 - 8 characters long) of your choice and hit Enter button on your keyboard.

      Repeat the password > hit Enter.

      You will not see anything happen on the screen, when you are doing this, so BE CAREFUL!!!

      ==========================RCU CAN DO, TOO!!!=========================

      Alternatively, by simply using your Remote Control Unit, from the comfort of your armchair/sofa:

      in PurE2 > MENU > Setup > System > Network > Password setup > input new password...


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        Assignment of keys on your Remote Control Unit (RCU)....

        PurE2 > MENU > Setup > System > Keyboard/RC > Button Setup > do whatever you want with the buttons...

        As if that wasn't enough in Keyboard/RC you have "Extra Button setup" whereby you can do all sorts... Have a look at the screenshots, please...

        0) First de-assign whatever is already assigned to a button you want mapped differently. So, choose/press a button, press OK to de-assign it, Save and Exit...

        1) Again, simply press the button you want to assign a certain function to (say, ^ button above OK button) and you will see this:

        2) Then, you find the function you want to assign to it in the following menu and choose it by pressing OK:

        3) Press the green button to Save it and that's it.

        Also, one has menus for different "Keyboards, "Keymaps" etc.

        So, remember this: PurE2 is the most malleable image around! The principle of this image is "give as much control to the user as possible"!!! From Estuary skin itself (see Estuary config in Plugins) to Device Manager and onwards...