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New PurE2 v. 6.5 to test - feedback, please...

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  • gorski
    Delfi says:

    Images are being updated; feeds for stuff like EPG import, youtube, etc....

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  • gorski
    Delfi asked me to inform you with the following news from the PurE2 Team:

    - edision osmio4k* --> hbbtv new approach with the latest QT web framwork
    - Estuary skin enhancements
    - OpenVPN boosted to 2.5.0 with fixes
    - The latest Plugins
    - CH lists updated
    - metrixHD skin for PurE2 added

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  • gorski
    OK, Franc was in a good mood and he (quickly) implemented PiG.

    I am presuming you have PurE2 installed with Estuary skin!

    So, FTP into your STB and put the attached XML file into: /usr/share/enigma2/Estuary

    Restart PurE2.

    Now, go to: MENU > Setup > System > Channel Selection settings >
    Channel list preview = yes +
    Channel list show Mini TV > Yes >
    green button to save and then
    Exit to go to
    Standby menu to
    Restart E2.

    You will have PiG in Estuary now.

    PiG in Estuary.jpg

    If you press OK on a different channel than you are on - you will see the newly chosen TV channel.

    If you press EXIT button, you will return to the previous TV channel.

    If you press one more time on the newly chosen TV channel, while in the Channel List, you will go to that TV channel.

    So, you can explore what's elsewhere and if you do not want to change a TV channel, simply go back to the one you started from by pressing EXIT.

    Now, if anyone comes back and starts bitching about Estuary, I shall personally nuke him! 'Cause, now you have it all in there...

    Btw, the skin.xml will be overwritten if you do a SW update.

    It is still not implemented in our images, This is just a test!

    When all is checked and functioning fully - it will be implemented in all our images...

    Attached Files

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  • gorski
    For simple settings it (Wizard stuff, stuck on automatic, like DHCP) should be OK...

    However, given there are Internet providers which are not OK with VPN providers, I put together this little tutorial, which should open it all up - for all...

    So, 2 points:

    1) It's better, in my experience, to have a static home network address (for various reasons, like address clash, NAS needing the User to have it etc.)

    2) It's better to circumvent your Internet provider servers with



    Then, OpenVPN will work...

    So, I combined the two...

    I hope this should work in all situations... At least it did so far, from many hundreds of messages I read and dealt with on the topic...

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  • gorski
    Re. the recoded Network Manager...

    During the Wizard, abolish DHCP (put it to NO) and set up your local network address.

    Go to Nameserver and add (green button): > OK.

    When it's done and working go to MENU > Setup > System > Network > Device setup > choose (wlan0 or eth0) and wait for green light next to Network".

    Now go to Nameserver settings > choose Static IP or Custom >

    press green button = Add > Nameserver 2 = > OK.

    Again, press OK when on "Nameserver settings" > green button > repeat it all, twice for > and for >

    I also go to Enable/disable IPv6 > NO > OK! But if you have a problem with FTP (FileZilla Client) - enable it!

    Back to "Network test" > OK > green > wait and see if all is OK...

    Now, then: Device Manager > set up your USB and/or SATA device(s) the way you want them to be > restart PurE2 and then all else follows...

    WARNING: double check in Nameserver settings if this changes, by accident, back to DHSP router or something else (it did to me)....

    Please note: if you have a problem connecting with your STB via FTP, try restarting both your STB and laptop...

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  • gorski
    ​I noticed a big update lately...

    @terrajoe says:

    update enigma2-code
    recoded networkmanager with new functions
    update openssl to v1.1.1i
    update openwebif and plugins
    update 3rdparty-feed
    update e2iplayer

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  • gorski

    "Please, do not update images (especially those dated 23.12.20) until we fix some trivial screwup!!!"

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  • gorski
    ​Delfi says, re. new PurE2 images and Recovery files:

    "For some boxes, Recovery flash may be needed as internal flash partitioning has changed.

    Images older than 20.12.2020 need to be re-flashed. This is valid for the following boxes:

    Zgemma H7, AX51, Mutant 51, VS 1500,
    ​Zgemma H9 Twin/Combo,
    Octagon sf8008/m, Viper 4K, Uclan Ustym 4K Pro.

    Others in v. 6..5 should receive some sys lib updates, ffmpeg, gstreamer, and feeds....

    Soon (by 23rd Dec 2020) all boxes should be re-done with the new code."

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  • gorski
    v. 6.3 alpha, well pre-alpha to be honest DMM One is in the test area. There are still many flaws, and some good thing like the latest Kodi 18.9 that seems to work nicely.

    Here: http://www.pur-e2.club/OU/images/ind...dreambox/TEST/

    v. 6.5 feeds updated.
    Last edited by gorski; 16-12-2020, 03:09.

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  • gorski
    Delfi/tromo says:

    "It seems that most of the feeds and images are up to date, both v63 and v65. Sadly, radio-fnc server is still down.

    On a more happy note (well, sort of), it does seem that an usable DMM one/two image is surfacing, slowly but surely. At the moment DVB-S looks quite promising, most of the *-fnc plugins work, etc, etc, but there is still a lot to do (write some kernel modules, 2D HW acceleration, fix some irritating glitches and so on....). Really nice and productive joint effort.

    Your merry reindeer team (Prancer, Blitzen, Clyde, Comet, Cupid, Dancer, Dasher, Donner, etc) is working on v6.6 of PurE2 pretty hard as well, but, about that, when it (be)comes available. Really not sure we could deliver on xmas "

    PurE2 v. 6.6 will sport a proper, direct/straight Python 3.x, NOT the one others are using, i.e. functioning via a compatibility layer...

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  • gorski

    Feeds are being updated. CH lists - latest ciefp, vhannibal, morpheus, plugins like youtube, etc...

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  • gorski
    Re. the aforementioned WiFi AP mode plugin Delfi made... From what little I know, he put quite a bit of his time into it - hence done with some pride... So a somewhat belayed "announcement"... but hey, better now than never.... This is a really nice additio​n to PurE2 and wider...

    Sooo.... say, you have a LAN cable drawn all the way to your STB but you could do with a further extension to your home network, in a wireless manner, to the parts of the house your modem does not cover well with its WiFi capabilities, it's just too far, the walls are just too thick etc. So, use this app, switch it on and you may have a really good WiFi connection in your loft or in your garden, in a bath-tub etc.

    Here is Delfi's text, since he is the author and I haven't yet tried it...

    WiFi AP

    Acces Point / Hotspot

    Makes most sense on boxes with built in WiFi (osmio4k*, sf8008, ustsym4k, viper4k, etc..)

    Works on most of other boxes with added USB WiFi adapter (Zgemma H7, etc)

    Low RAM impact and CPU strain.

    In the feeds: MENU--> PurE2 plugins --> Setup WiFi AP (enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-wifiap)

    Preset Value should work in most cases, if the adapter/wifi device is 5GHz capable or can function in a best mode possible (a very rough guess, with wifi, permutations and surprises are... many), that is a preferred mode.

    Due to almost countless combinations of interaction between the kernel and wifi drivers, it is possible to setup non working stuff in "Advanced" mode, so... beware. This is still, sort of beta stuff.

    ================================================== =============================================

    Boring Tech notes:

    Should work on most boxes like DMMs, VUs, that have some features in the kernel enabled or do not practice some protection via Ethernet iface.

    Some USB adapters on some kernels cannot work in AP/hotspot mode. For example Mediatek mt7601u driver does not work, but on a different/older kernel mt7601uSTA might be ok. Similar situation is with once popular Alfa AWUS036H long range based on 8187B wifi chipset. Commercial AP devices and routers usually have custom drivers that work in a one of 2-3 dedicated modes. Sadly, miracles can not happen all the time.

    Did not check old rt73, they could make problems as well, besides they need so much power that your PS might not be happy.

    ================================================== =============================================

    EDIT: just found old rt73 b+g Asus USB wifi stick lying in the dust, and it works ok on sf8008 as a 2nd WiFi adapter.

    New rtl8812AU and similar AC1200 stuff seems to work very nice (again, on some kernels).

    In the future release it ***might*** be possible to use active wifi adapter both as a client and an AP, but, again, not many drivers are capable of this.

    Therefore, as it is, it makes sense for users that have a box connected to a wire and might need an additional AP.

    Due to some tech drama, this is not available for SH4 boxes, but we''ll try to solve it if possible.

    Some older chipsets like rtl8182eu used in many boxes (well, depending on the HW revision), might support "n" mode in 5 GHz band. Whether it works in your individual case is, sadly a question of luck. 5 GHz band is probably a better choice due to 2.4 band congestion and speed, but, to really work decently, it needs a clear path between a client and AP, or, at least, multi antennae capability between both, the AP (your box) and client (your phone or laptop).

    On the other hand, 2.4 GHz band is usually better with penetration thru obstacles like walls, etc.

    ================================================== ==============================================

    Really boring stuff about the channel choice for your AP:

    Some Realtek (and other) devices are nice to suggest a best channel available. This sounds great, but actually it is not really, as these wild guess suggestions are based (usually) only on 20MHz bandwidth, or in the best case 40MHz, alas in some rather lazy mode. If one is curious, a check can be made from telnet:

    cat /proc/net/rtl8192eu/wlan0/best_channel
    ...and, of course, adjust as per your device.

    Usually it makes a senseless suggestion, so --> channel choice is up to you. There are decent apps for smartphones (wifi scanners) that might help you with the right choice.

    As always YMMW.

    Have fun and may the wifi force be with you.

    Edited by gorski...

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  • gorski
    The latest news from Delfi, which is this:

    ​"Edision 4K - new drivers, hopefully something useful for kodi.

    Ustsym 4K Pro, Viper 4K, new drivers.... Soon SF8008*

    As there is a new version of gstreamer, ffmpeg and some other stuff, it is advisable to reflash images after 22.11.​"

    So, do it all from scratch, guys... I shall be doing the same thing, too...

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  • gorski
    ​Btw, for the most boxes, on average, there are more than 90-100 packages that are new/updated/dependent, so it might be a good idea to re-flash anything older than 14.11.2020, just to be on the safe side...

    Then again, if you're lazy, simple SW update might work just fine (if not, just do on-line re-flash).

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  • gorski
    Delfi says:

    V. 6.5 (soon v. 6.3):

    -Finally fixed WiFi AP (Access Point --> turns you box to another WiFi server station, see more at HERE) for Ustym 4K PRO.

    - feeds, ch lists (vhannibal, morpheus), youtube, autochconverter, etc....
    - gstreamer, ffmpeg, kodi
    - misc stuff

    As we do not have try simple SW update (it might work on some boxes, on others NOT), standard SNAFU with settings backup and reflash is suggested for images later than 14.11.2020.

    P.S. It seems that Franc is preparing some new goodies...

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