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New PurE2 v. 6.5 to test - feedback, please...

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    For simple settings it (Wizard stuff, stuck on automatic, like DHCP) should be OK...

    However, given there are Internet providers which are not OK with VPN providers, I put together this little tutorial, which should open it all up - for all...

    So, 2 points:

    1) It's better, in my experience, to have a static home network address (for various reasons, like address clash, NAS needing the User to have it etc.)

    2) It's better to circumvent your Internet provider servers with



    Then, OpenVPN will work...

    So, I combined the two...

    I hope this should work in all situations... At least it did so far, from many hundreds of messages I read and dealt with on the topic...


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      OK, Franc was in a good mood and he (quickly) implemented PiG.

      I am presuming you have PurE2 installed with Estuary skin!

      So, FTP into your STB and put the attached XML file into: /usr/share/enigma2/Estuary

      Restart PurE2.

      Now, go to: MENU > Setup > System > Channel Selection settings >
      Channel list preview = yes +
      Channel list show Mini TV > Yes >
      green button to save and then
      Exit to go to
      Standby menu to
      Restart E2.

      You will have PiG in Estuary now.

      PiG in Estuary.jpg

      If you press OK on a different channel than you are on - you will see the newly chosen TV channel.

      If you press EXIT button, you will return to the previous TV channel.

      If you press one more time on the newly chosen TV channel, while in the Channel List, you will go to that TV channel.

      So, you can explore what's elsewhere and if you do not want to change a TV channel, simply go back to the one you started from by pressing EXIT.

      Now, if anyone comes back and starts bitching about Estuary, I shall personally nuke him! 'Cause, now you have it all in there...

      Btw, the skin.xml will be overwritten if you do a SW update.

      It is still not implemented in our images, This is just a test!

      When all is checked and functioning fully - it will be implemented in all our images...

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        Delfi asked me to inform you with the following news from the PurE2 Team:

        - edision osmio4k* --> hbbtv new approach with the latest QT web framwork
        - Estuary skin enhancements
        - OpenVPN boosted to 2.5.0 with fixes
        - The latest Plugins
        - CH lists updated
        - metrixHD skin for PurE2 added


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          Delfi says:

          Images are being updated; feeds for stuff like EPG import, youtube, etc....


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            I am told that these have been improved (and that some STBs might need reflashing....)...

            "PurE2 v. 6.5:

            (re)newed gstreamer,


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              1) From what I have tested just now (Edision+ and Zgemma H9 Twin), I think installation from scratch is a much better option.... Too many packages...

              2) Franc also worked on InfoBar/Seekbar FF and RW functions:

              - for VOD/streaming plugins (FNC ==> long press >> or long press << but also 3, 6, 9 and 1, 4, 7 numbers...) ==>

              - In channel list (zap) simply press >> or << for FF or RW and then ==>

              ==> Once you get Infobar to starts with the >> and << buttons ==> use < and > buttons (around OK button) to choose how far you wanna go > OK button.

              3) Estuary skin now has PiG option in its Settings: MENU > MENU > second page > Channel List Style > PiG... For more see "How to make Estuary do as you please"...

              4) We shall soon see an automated setting up of Estuary, Franc says, i.e. no need to restart when settings are chosen...
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                All is back to its best, in Zgemma H9 Twin with PurE2 v. 6.5 from 3. 4. 2021!

                Mind, xHamster and YIFY, for instance, do not function...