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New PurE2 v. 6.5 to test - feedback, please...

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    Delfi says:

    "It seems Kodi now works on H7 and HD51 (ax51/mutant51). More updates during the day."​


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      ​6.2 and 6.3

      IMDB-fnc - fixes, added ITA and TR languages

      Serien-fnc - fixes

      Filme-fnc - fixes

      E2 code - fixes

      Feeds updated with latest plugins


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        ​Delfi wrote:

        v 6.3
        all the images that are not available in v6.5 are updated.
        - e2 code
        - plugins
        - libs

        v 6.5
        - e2 fixes
        - network info fixes
        - libs
        - plugins

        ​I am adding that Zgemma H9 series just got new drivers, I was just told, which should be incorporated into our images soon...


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          - e2 fixes
          - network info fixes
          - plugins updated
          - etc
          - Zgemma/Airdigital H9x and i55plus drivers were renewed


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            v 6.5
            - e2 fixes
            - system settings backup fix
            - libs
            - plugins
            - Kodi update

            And from 26.5.2020, switched to new version of compiler.


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              ​Delfi says:


              - feeds
              - cams
              - youtube
              - misc e2
              - drivers for most dinobots
              - misc stuff


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                Delfi/tromo says:

                - some E2 code updates
                - feeds
                - plugins
                - OpenWebif
                - Dinobot (axas, anadol, etc) drivers updated
                - AX60/61/Muktibox drivers update (sadly motor/rotor on 61 still seems off)
                - ffmpeg new version 4.3.x
                - gstreamer update.
                - reduced image footprint (in some cases 25-30MB)
                - probably more....

                Note: some mipsels and sh4 in 6.5 are not up to date until we fix some drama specific for the older stuff. Work in progress...


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                  Delfi says:

                  AX61 - ​updated drivers

                  Zgemma H9x/H9.2X - updated drivers​​​

                  i55Plus - ​updated drivers​​​​​​​​​​​​​

                  Also, ​​with higher temperatures be sure to set (where available)

                  Menu->System->CPU Control

                  Scaling governor to "conservative" or "on demand"​​​​!


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                    ​v 6.5

                    - Filme-fnc und Serien-fnc updated

                    - gstreamer new version

                    - some plugins refreshed

                    Soon for v 6.3 and v6.2 as well....


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                      ​Delfi just told us that:

                      "oscams at 11640 including emu-latest and they work OK.

                      oscams should be ok for 6.5, 6.3 and 62

                      There is a newer 11641 which has some Nagra fix, but at the moment no time (it takes cca 2 hours to update all)​​"

                      So, ASAP, when he gets a bit of time...


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                        News just in, fresh from the press:

                        "6.5 Arm are 11641 but for 6.2 and 6.3 some other (better) day."


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                          Delfi again:

                          v. 6.3 received some needed TLC (tender loving and care, or something along these lines....)

                          feeds, e2 code, oscams, plugins, etc...

                          v. 6.5 will likely be be in a YARN (yet another reflash needed) mode for images dated after 27.9.2020.

                          Again, too many changes.


                          For sf8008/ustym4kpro/viper4k v6.5 Kodi users:

                          If you do have drama with playback, please disable (somewhat misleading) HW acceleration. Kodi works just fine on these boxes.

                          v6.3 for these boxes probably does not need this adjustment.


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                            ​Delfi: "Sources from OSCam-emu updated ---> oscam-emu + ccache on v11642 and the rest of OSCams​"


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                              ​Delfi says: Re-flash is necessary for v. 6.5 images from 30.9 onwards​...