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New PurE2 v. 6.5 to test - feedback, please...

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  • New PurE2 v. 6.5 to test - feedback, please...

    Test it, if you can, please and post back your findings...

    Please, use only the stuff from our feeds ==> MENU > Plugins > green button > extensions/settings/system apps/etc.

    When you install our exclusive FNC plugins by Franc, you will automatically install our modified and sometimes advanced versions of FFmpeg, ServiceApp and SubSupport, which should work well with the crucial PurE2 plugins, as well as Kodi (in stronger boxes) etc.

    If at all possible, do it all from scratch, without restoring things from previous builds, given the big changes, like SSL 1.1.1, GCC 9 etc.

    Many things have to be redone so they work with all the new (security etc.) standards for streaming and so on, that's why...

    It's better not to use TS, E2iStream/E2iPlayer and similar (invasive) stuff, given they overwrite some important libs etc., at least when updating such plugins, tools etc. They can interfere with how the image is functioning and screw-up the test results...

    Once we have done the image properly, we can modify more plugins written by other people to work with our system as well...

    Good luck and thanx!!!

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    Tromo says:

    "OK, now that most of the drama with 4k Vus and 9x0 Dmms is over (thx again to you all), a small note about new yify-fnc in 6.5.

    Of course, this is relevant only for those with VPN or users with lenient and more tolerant internet providers.

    Yify-fnc is quite complex plugin that can put some strain on the box. In the v6.5 images from 24.2.2020, there is a new version of engine that lies under the hood (well, bonnet ). It is still not properly tested, but we do hope it would demand less memory and flash real estate.

    If one does experience a slow down of E2 after playing a movie, restart of GUI/E2 should fix it. Internally no drama with that issue, but then again, tested so far on pretty new and powerful boxes.

    Hopefully soon available for most boxes."


    "A small tech note about 6.5test images; sometimes (especially after 24.2.2020 dated images) it may **not** be enough to do a simple SW update.

    The reason for this inconvenience/annoyance is that actually almost every single byte has changed under the hood and a simple SW update just won't cut it.

    Luckily, backup of System Settings is not hard to do.

    Thx again to all."


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      "Btw, just a note, it seems that dmm 9x0 cannot play certain FHD (1080p) or 4K streams like some other boxes (filmler etc). Nothing to do with us, but inadequate drivers. Sorry. It seems that 720p is max for these boxes."

      F*&%ing DMM, if that's the case...


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        New v. 6.5:

        - ffmpeg new veriosn
        - some internal libs updated
        - misc E2 changes
        - plugins updated

        For the recently flashed images (few days, this month in some cases) simple SW update shoul be just fine.

        About look*-fnc; it is being worked on. Sadly, no hocus-pocus/quick/easy fix at the moment.

        ================================================== ====================

        ​My test on Zgemma H9 Combo, flashed on the fly from PurE2 v. 6.3: latest image of 12. 3. 2020 looks good so far!​

        Sat TV (OSCam Emu Ccache included)
        Terrestrial TV
        xHamster ==> all OK!!!

        No errors re. libs! (I did not install E2iPlayer/Stream!)

        I'm impressed!


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          ...for the new 6.5 images made after 14.3 it is very likely that a re-flahs is needed.

          Sorry about that , but new version of compiler and some other stuff happened and there is probably more than 90% that is different. In some strange, ideal world, a simple SW update should be OK, but not likely...
          However strange it looks, it is NOT our intention to torture users...
          New C compiler DOES fix a lot of problems for ARM (well, OK... in some cases... )
          14. 3. v. 6.5 in my ET10K/Xtrend 10000 via SW update...

          ...248 packages, in the end it installed 299 packages...
          It worked!!! The biggest I ever tried!!!

          Kodi is taking a looooong time starting... Just a black screen... Then, one tries to exit or Menu button... Nothing. Must use the switch at the back...

          Net Speed test with VPN...

          Testing FNC...

          In Vumoo FF and RW using numbers doesn't seem to work...

          Streamlord works...

          YIFY works, too!!!

          Testing continues....


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            OK, the Team fixed Streamlord and perhaps another niggling thing or three...

            Simple SW update would do...

            Praised be!


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              Images v. 6.5 made after 3. 4. 2020 have to be done from scratch (via USB stick, for instance), as building them changed considerably, sorry....


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                ============v. 6.5=============

                Please, don't forget our coders had to deal with an earthquake, profound change of circumstances and so on...

                V. 6.5 is being worked on constantly, though... We shall iron it all out, we just need some time and peace to do it...

                Sorry for some trouble here and there - but it's to be expected with all this... It still is a test image...

                Having said that, this version is now better supported in some ways than 6.3 (FNC plugins etc.).

                Just to let you know that you do get some returns on your investment, as it were...

                ============v. 6.3=============

                ​Delfi instructs us to do the following:

                Almost all the 6.3 images updated. Date 7.4.2020 should be ok to flash

                One could avoid reflash via telnet :

                login to the box


                opkg update

                opkg upgrade


                Sorry for the trouble.

                Feeds updated, etc...

                For the most newer boxes, arm based, perhaps it is prudent to switch to version 6.5 as it does offer stuff that 6.3 simply cannot manage. Alas, v 6.3 will be maintained for some time even for those.

                ===============v. 6.2=================

                As per ver. 6.2; dm800se, dm500hd, A5 and e4hd were updated.

                Please reflash OR telnet to the box and enter:

                opkg update
                opkg upgrade

                Pls report whether it works as I cannot test it (no dmm800se anymore). This is actually e2 code from 6.3, so...
                Last edited by gorski; 07-04-2020, 16:06.


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                  ​Delfi says:

                  Feeds, some plugins...
                  Certain HiSilicon boxes (Zgemmas, Maxtytec, AX60, Mutant60) have new version of Kodi that uses HiSilicon player instead of E2, reinstall needed.

                  As the build system is upgraded, all the images after 10.4.2020 probably need a reflash to be on the safe side.


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                    New images have Kodi like seekbar for VOD/IPTV, thx to Franc.

                    Long press FF or REV offers seek with LEFT or RIGHT.

                    Might not be applicable on all the types of the streams, simply due to the nature of the same?


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                      If one has problems with OpenSubtitles lately one should give the following telnet command, for instance using PuTTy:

                      opkg update &&  opkg install enigma2-plugin-extensions-subssupport  --force-reinstall
                      In PurE2, which I just tested, it will install 1.5.6_x version and this should work OK, at least in most STBs/E2s.

                      However, the latest version is 1.5.7, found here:

                      Github page is here:

                      Plugin download is here:

                      Thanx to Athoik (author of the plugin) and contributors, plus Medouse89 for info!

                      Good luck!


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                        If Dream Explorer from our Plugins download doesn't work, use this one - tested, works!
                        Attached Files


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                          Version 6.2

                          For DM 500HD, DM 800SE, Alien (Linkdroid) A5, E4HD (axas):

                          Revamped; feeds, updated CH lists, plugins, Estuary skin, web interface, flash on line, FNC plugins, etc...

                          All versions:

                          Franc's IMDB-fnc plugin updated, details to follow, not yet in all the feeds, but available in plugin downloads.


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                            ​That was Delfi. Now Franc:


                            1. Improve trailer searching; new manual token (base64 generated) instead of seeking directly from imdb. This will ensure faster response and should not miss trailer anymore if they exists on imdb web page

                            2. Prepare IMDb-FNC for future stuff; send API requests directly to Meta class if IMDb ID is known. This will pass Confirmation object which will result a very fast response at the end

                            3. More friendly messages

                            4. Remove some crap


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                              ​Delfi says:

                              Ah, here we go again

                              Due to python upgrade to version 2.7.18 (latest and the LAST in 2.7 series before we switch to python 3) and many other system level updates, simple SW update will not work nicely for images built after 4 May 2020.

                              So, reflash recommended.