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E-Channelizer 19 Versia v22.0.0.903 Beta

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  • E-Channelizer 19 Versia v22.0.0.903 Beta

    E-Channelizer 19 Versia v22.0.0.903 Beta

    New update:03.09.2022

    User Interface

    -Radical design refresh with modern look and feel.

    -Change overall round corners and font size (scalable).

    -Sync theme colors (Background/Accent) with Windows.

    -Support Windows 11.


    -Turn your PC into Home Hub (server) to share custom playlists.

    -Share playlists across Smart Boxes/TVs (Enigma2, Android/iOS).

    -Support any player compatible with XtreamCodes or M3U playlists.

    -Support movies and series info (name, plot, cast, rating, ...).

    -Support media assets (logos, posters, and backgrounds).


    -Add unlimited playlists from XtreamCodes, M3U, and Enigma2 sources.

    -Select categories to download (Live, Movies, Series, Catch-up).

    -Combine multiple sources into a single playlist.

    -Customize and rearrange playlist bouquets and channels.

    -Assign EPG and logos from multiple sources available in the Store.

    -Auto-update playlists on schedule maintaining your own setup.

    File Formats

    -Support M3U playlists natively (open, edit and save).

    -Import M3U playlists with powerful options.

    -Export all or selected bouquets as M3U playlists.

    -Convert seamlessly between Enigma2 and M3U file formats.

    -Convert DVB channels to live streams from Enigma2 boxes.


    -Import channels from a local file, Enigma2 box or the Store.

    -Download full channels and bouquets list from LyngSat.

    -Display both DVB and IPTV in the channels list.

    -Filter IPTV channels on the stream type.

    -Batch mark channels as new/normal or parental locked.

    -Auto generate info of missing satellites (for Enigma2 tuner scan).


    -Import bouquets in Enigma2/M3U format with Add/Replace/Update mode.

    -Group bouquets by type (TV, Radio, Live, Movies, Series, Catch-up).

    -Display list of other bouquets to which channel are added.

    -Improve handling of bouquets-in-bouquet.

    -Batch mark bouquets as hidden, inactive or parental locked.

    -Toggle display of hidden/inactive bouquets.

    -Support HDMI-IN source entry in Enigma2 bouquets.


    -Display both EPG provider and source of each channel.

    -Display EPG source language when assigning EPG.

    -Edit EPG source and Id of channels individually (DVB/IPTV).

    -Download the assigned EPG sources only rather than whole provider.

    -Auto grab EPG from the assigned sources while streaming.


    -Import logo packages from a local file, Enigma2 box or the Store.

    -Export logos with multiple sizes and formats.

    -Batch find and assign logos to DVB/IPTV channels or whole bouquets.

    -Auto download and cache logos from M3U or Hub playlists.

    -Improve logos loading and matching of DVB/IPTV channels.

    -Toggle and change the preview size of channel logos (scalable).

    -Change the background of channel logos (dark/light shades).


    -New logo providers with different styles and sizes.

    -New EPG providers (public sources).

    -New playlist providers (free-to-air IPTV).


    -New integrated ticketing system to manage tickets from App directly.

    -New simple account verification by E-mail.


    -New powerful search and replace functionalities in every list.

    -Browse image files in gallery mode with scalable preview size.

    -Improve copy/paste and drag/drop functionalities.

    -Improve speed of files transfer from/to Enigma2 boxes.

    -Improve overall speed and performance.


    -Allow to unlink the original PC when activating license on new one.

    -Allow another trial license even if it was issued before.

    -Request a trial license from App directly.


    -Update the Czech translation by Aleš Bartuněk.

    -Update the Dutch translation by Bolle.

    -Update the German translation by Waldemar.

    -Update the Italian translation by Satrunner.

    -Update the Lithuanian translation by Vytenis.

    -Update the Polish translation by Dawid Kuma.

    -Update the Portuguese translation by Carlo.

    -Update the Spanish translation by titovich.

    -Update the Slovak translation by EnoSat, Stefan Varga.

    -Update the Turkish translation by CanPolat.

    -Update the Russian translation by spartak73.

    Fixed Bugs

    -Various bug fixes.

    Thx @SayyiD


    File Type: rar E-Channelizer Installer 03.09.2022.rar‎ (10.98 MB,https://uploadfile.pl/pokaz/2212490---u9so.html