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DemonEditor -Version 1.0.6 Beta ist ver?ffentlicht.

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  • DemonEditor -Version 1.0.6 Beta ist ver?ffentlicht.

    DemonEditor Version 1.0.6 Beta ist ver?ffentlicht.


    Improved filtering. Added multiple choice for service type and satellite position.
    Improved built-in player. Added GStreamer and MPV support (experimental).
    Added display of bouquet list in playback mode.
    Added list font and picons size appearance options.
    Added logo for the tooltip in the picon explorer.
    Improved web import of satellites. Added support for KingOfSat.
    Update of Russian, Belarusian and German translations.
    Turkish translation update (thanks to audi06_19)
    Fixed picons download for providers.

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    DemonEditor version 2.0.3 beta

    1. Improved picons filtering and assignment (#49).
    2. Support for marking and filtering of services not presented in bouquets.
    3. Support for sub-bouquets creation (experimental, not fully tested).
    4. State saving for the main panels.
    1. DemonEditor-2.0.3-Beta-win64-MPV.zip
    2. DemonEditor-2.0.3-Beta-win64.zip
    3. DemonEditor-2.0.3-Beta.deb
    4. DemonEditor.dmg

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      DemonEditor version 2.1.0 Alpha

      Basic alternate layout support.
      Tooltips support for the bouquets list.
      Improved bouquet export to *.m3u .
      Data rendering optimizations.
      Minor rework of picon assignment.
      Minor rework of recordings tab.
      Minor rework of FTP client.
      Basic editing support for FTP client (Not fully tested.).
      Multi-stream transponders support for LyngSat (Not tested).
      Multi-stream support for services web import (Not tested).
      Minor revision of satellite update dialog.
      Reduced waiting time for web import.
      Corrected satellite update from KingOfSat.
      Fixed satellites web update from FlySat.
      Fixed missing default ID for IPTV dialog.

      Alternate GUI layout is enabled by default for macOS build! Can be disabled in the "View" menu.
      The library sets for all packages have been updated. Builds for MS Windows are not fully tested!