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    Nabilosat DM500 V. 0.8 MAXVAR

    Technical Infos:
    * Enigma: 10.05.2007
    * Graphics additions by Nabilosat team
    * Graphics Develop Consulting by Vali, Matrix, Army and Porto
    * GCC Original CVS
    * Web Interface: Nabilosat edition by Army

    you can download languages from Nabilo addon panels and install in DM500 V 0.8

    Great News for all Nabilosat Members
    Here is the Nabilosat Image V. 0.8 for your Dm500
    The main new of this version is that the skin system have been entirely recoded.
    The new skin system is a singificative improvement in Nabilosat Images story.

    This 0.8 version is MORE AND MORE STABLE AND FAST.
    Many graphics objects have been added (Nabilosat Image v 0.8 is the first image in the world to have an Analogic Clock in the OSD).

    There is a new way to manage extra/light skin.
    In this 0.8 version, when OSD is shown you can press the button OK to have INSTANTLY the extra skin information on OSD.

    You can set an option too to have a persistent clock on the television screen.

    The new skin Validation 8 used all the new graphic improvments of the 0.8 versions with a very high quality style effect.

    Warning: You can use only Skins for V. 0.8++ on this image.

    sigpicI did it my way

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    Nabilosat Enigma1 DarkStar II - DM500

    What is new in this DarkStar II DM500 ?

    Updated CVS: 30 August 2008

    The image has been completely recoded based on the latest CVS

    Updated Skin by porto

    New DarkStar II skin customized by porto

    Enigma 1 Integrated 8 Days Sky IT EPG

    Download 8 days Sky IT EPG, and have it integrated to Enigma1

    EPG Event Search

    Select a single channel EPG, press 0, enter a keyword and search for your preferred events

    EPG Channels Selection

    Customize the list of EPG channels to download. We reccomend to restart Enigma upon completing the selection

    EPG Channels Update List

    Update the EPG channels list when there are changes

    Standby after reboot

    Your DM will automatically standby after an accidental reboot, such as after a powercut

    Scheduled Reboot

    Schedule an automatic daily reboot

    Main Function Keys

    Button 1xOK = Light Info OSD
    Button 2xOK = Extra Info OSD
    Button Blue = Nabilo Blue Panel
    Button 2xBlue = Nabilo Extra Settings
    Button Yellow = Nabilo Yellow Panel - Plugins List
    Button 2xYellow = Nabilo Yellow Panel - Addons Manager
    Button Red = Current Channel EPG
    Button 2xRed = Select Channel EPG or MultiEPG


    Dedicated Addons Server
    Download and install additional packages from Nabilosat server


    Enigma1 Analogic Clock
    Channel Orbital Position
    Advanced Tuner Info: Sr Freq Pol Fec
    Signal SNR, AGC, BER
    Infobar Picons
    Advanced EMU information

    Nabilo Panels features

    1) Blue Panel

    Extra Settings

    Nabilo EPG Settings
    Nabilo OSD Preferences
    Nabilo Scheduler
    Mount Points

    System Info

    Mount Points Info
    Process Info
    Memory Info
    Enigma Setup


    Select/Start/Restart EMU

    2) Yellow Panel


    Addons Download Manager
    Manual Install Panel
    Addons Uninstall Panel
    Images Uninstall Panel
    Nabilosat Statistics

    Many thanks to the Beta Testers Team
    Black33, ^^Corrado^^, ^^Maximo II^^, greg, Matrix10, Porto, ^)0(^Nabilo^)0(^, Army, Piefav, Franzjuve, Willow, fbrassin, Neri73, frimmino, astemio, DeepDiver, lorenzo64, robyhummy.

    Sky IT Epg fully integrated to Enigma 1 by the great MaxZ4.
    Many Thanks to lukkino (VDR-Italia) for opentv source code.

    P.S. Soon another one version of image will be released for VPN users

    Updated CVS

    sigpicI did it my way


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      Nabilosat Darkstar II Exclusive_Violet CCcam 2.1.2 Mod Borsalino 21.09.09

      NEW modefecation With new additions image of Nabilosat Darkstar II DM500 Exclusive CCcam 2.1.2 Turkish Mod Borsalino 21.09.2009

      the new: emu Cccam_2.1.2 inside and the integration of the image and big var and new skins
      New in this image

      Emu: CCcam 2.1.2 inside (start with image..and Work automatically )-please send Cccam.cfg in var/etc withe ftp-add Cccaminfo_v1.1 new (Yellow Button)-add ECM info-add nagrab recording in image -teltext ok-new bootlogo hd-Changed the original skins withe the new skin Exclusive_Violet thanx to Jhosua15 & matrix-delet old skins-Now you can change the
      form of a channel presntation withe button help-add turkish and english Language in demarge-all longage ok -add option DVR withe help botton-big var naw 75% Free espace-font size add-Fast image to open channels with Cccam2.1.2-send this image withe dreamup or falshwizare okscreenshote of image
      new skisn Exclusive_Violet

      menu of skins

      Nabilosat_Darkstar_II_Exclusive_CCcam_2.1.2_Mod_Bo rsalino.rar


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        Release Masterpiece: Nabilosat Darkstar ll Skin Original CCcam2.2.1 Fixed web-x-tv

        Peace and mercy of God be upon you

        Issuance of a summit today of speed and elegance of the amendment is the most speed in the
        Alcherng Nabilosat additions top the excitement and repair problem seen
        Cross-browser and the integration of Blogin Dirtic to translate films leave you with the rest of
        Amendments and peace and mercy of God

        * Change the image off in HD
        * Ahtfad knife and an amendment to the original transparency Climate Summit Alpha
        * Added French language along with English and the possibility of downloading any language
        * Enlarge fonts , raising the knife beautiful
        * Add the latest file frequencies of Hispasat to Arabsat 30.5
        * Possibility of changing the display channels by pressing the button Ok and Help
        * Fixed web-x-tv channels to watch the Dreambox via the browser
        * Merge Emu CCcam 2.2.1 has been activated to run automatically when you load the image
        * Merge Blogin CCCamInfo to track the status of server
        * Merge Blogin EcmInfo to follow up the case of a server and Hops
        * Merge Blogin Hacksat Keys to update the codes of the net
        * Merge Blogin Signal Quality to see the signal strength
        * Merge Blogin Teletext works great
        * Merge Blogin Drtic to translate the movie enough to download a file the translation of the net
        And send it to the path var / tuxbox / drtic / tit and operation of the IMO Dreambox

        Free Espace En Var 63%

        I leave you with diabetes shot and download

        sigpicI did it my way


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          Atikm Bpakab anger, well known and which in some modifications Fine

          The picture quality in a take-off and has many extras

          - Boot HD image format
          - Add language into French and in English
          - Merge CCcam 2.1.2 and V1.1 CCcaminfo Bakab and the original image from the place of the VAR
          - Imo CCcam 2.1.2 is automatically activated upon removal of the image after the installation of a common interface
          - Change the original knife with a knife up the glory He Rihanna Blue
          - Add Property DVR and on-line registration
          - Add Blegn Nagrab register from the surface of the VAR
          - Add file update frequency
          -Free space, 83% VAR

          File channels and talk about their own





          Badr 4, 5 and 6

          It is primarily a high permeability of image quality

          And now I leave you with pictures



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            Nabilo Darkstar2 Mod lonas V.2.0 Mbox + Cccam + NewCS

            UPDATE A DAY 06/08/2010 ########## #############
            Fixed problem in cccam.cfg and ccammbox.cfg,
            Fixed error in the connection templates smartcard.conf.
            Update or not you worked all
            UPDATE A DAY 08/08/2010 ########## #############
            CCcam version changes by a smaller,
            Fixed bug in CCcamMbox.cfg.
            Updated boot bootlogo a more modern
            UPDATE A DAY 28/08/2010 ########## #############
            Bug fixes connectivity, you can now share and view
            by both, CCcam Changed the version 2.1.2

            Well at the request of other users here I leave Darkstar2 Nabilo image canvas v.2.0 mod with cccam + newcs + mbox.

            It's super and leave loading lijera also by flaswizard

            this picture does not occupy more than 4.96 mb and lets the newly installed var directory to 21% only jejeje

            "Shocking truth? because that's not all that jejeje above and brings borraoffs the borrafajes, the pèer_resolver, etc ....

            and therefore if this type of image usasteis you have to remember that pressing the blue button selecting emu going to want to use, ie:

            1. . Mbox + newcs + CCcam. ____compartir by two, watch for the 2 RECOMMENDED
            2. . [Mbox] + newcs + CCcam. _____ Shared by two, just watch for Mbox
            3. . Mbox + CCcam. _____compartir by two, watch for the 2
            4. . [Mbox] + CCcam. _____( Shared by two, just watch for Mbox)
            5. . Mbox + newcs. Mbox + _____( only local)
            6. . Newcs + CCcam. _____( Only CCcam + local)
            7. . Mbox. _____ (Only Mbox)
            8. . CCcam. _____ (Only CCcam)

            Remember that you have to put in tanmto same as in the CCcamMbox.cfg CCcam.cfg buddies,
            otherwise you will not you share anything .....

            The theme of the ports I would say that abrieseis also the 30000-30001 and 30 002 but that vustro lodejo already liked it though when I used it was open slab.

            Therefore, the configuration becomes the same for you who are so familiar with it,
            This image was created at the request of a fellow forum,



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              S*Y UK ready Nabilosat Oscam+CCcam2.1.3 DM500 Backup

              S*Y UK ready Nabilosat Oscam+CCcam2.1.3 DM500 Backup

              Based on NabiloDM500-V08-MAXVAR.
              Green button and then Yellow x2 button takes you to:-
              Dedicated server for Nabilosat addons
              Download and install additional packages from the Nabilosat server

              Whats New ?

              This image is S*y UK ready with all Oscam configs and N line in CCcam.cfg.
              CCcam 2.1.3
              Latest CCcam Channel info
              Latest CCcam Providers
              SGTFlipFlop ENiGMA2 28.03.11 (Multi)


              Use Flashwizard to flash this Backup



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                backup with image NabiloDM500-V08-MAXVAR
                Here you have a new backup with image NabiloDM500-V08-MAXVAR.

                Mbox 04 0023/3
                Sbox 0.0.4-8, #2
                Mgcamd 1.35a

                To read the gray only need to edit:
                In var / bin
                sbox.conf Put your PC's IP and CAMID
                And in var / keys
                cwshare.cfg: Put your line M and dLine
                mbox.cfg: Put the IP of your PC in the Z line

                And of course, change the password dreambox for another.

                <table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0"> <tbody><tr> <td class="alt2" style="border: 1px inset;"> Para leer la gris solo es necesario editar:
                En var/bin
                sbox.conf Poned IP de vuestro PC y el CamID
                Y en var/keys
                cwshare.cfg: Poned vuestra linea M y las Dlines
                mbox.cfg: Poned la IP de vuestro PC en la linea Z

                Y por supuesto,cambiad la password dreambox por otra distinta. <



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                  Nabilosat Darkstar II Oscam_CCcam213_Skin ARMY by Zorro...




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                    Nabilo-Dm500-v08-Maxvar image backup (cayborg)

                    Friends I used for a long time (Skybox device) and your favorite image of your friends who want to take a backup of the Nabilo V08 Maxvar our image gave the order to install the below link for installation.
                    Especially friends using the device can easily use the clone.
                    Image quality, speed and channel-channel reproduction is almost never found for the error does not give up for reasons I certainly do not think this imajdan.

                    CCam version (2.1.3) installed, bouquets, arrangements yapıldı.Buketlerde ***** folder is hidden, the parent code 8054)
                    Satellite rankings
                    1-Turksat 2A-3A (42E)
                    2-Hotbird2-6-7A-8 (13E)
                    3-EutelsatW3A (7E)
                    4-Astra 1E-1F-1G-1H-1KR-2C (19e)
                    Note: Eutelsat transponderlar'ına Sirius (5E) transponderlar'ı the delicate balance of your LNB is set to eklenmiştir.Bu Eutelsat is set so you can watch channels on Sirius.

                    Bouquets constantly watched channels according to the characteristics (Documentary, News, Music, Movies, Sports channels, the new regulations as a sort of did.)

                    Emulator that is installed;
                    CCcam 2.1.3
                    1:35 Mgcamd

                    Installed the add-ons;
                    Hacksat *** Downloader v9b
                    Turkish Luxsat-Softcam-Update 3.0
                    Nabilo CCcam Info
                    adenine's Satfinder

                    Note: CCcam conf.dosyası is empty, enter the desired settings.

                    I want to mention again, especially with clone device, the friends can upload their complacency.



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                      Nabilosat Darkstar II _CCcam_2.2.1Newcs.167_Skin Greeny by Zorro



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                        Nabilo Darkstar2 DM500s CCcam221 BM series 23052011 By meteor

                        ** Kurulumdan once mutlaka yedeginizi aliniz.!!

                        ** Yeni bootlogo kullanilmistir.

                        ** Radyo ve scan logolari degistirilmistir.

                        ** Bu image da kullanilan skinler:

                        BM_BG , BM_G1 , BM_S1 , BM_S1a , BM_S2 , BM_S2a

                        Thanks By MX

                        ** Analog clock eklenmistir.

                        ** Turkce , Ingilizce ve italyanca diller mevcuttur...

                        ** Turkish , English , Italian Languages

                        ( Diger diller addons dan indirilebilir )

                        ** Web-x-tv fixed.

                        ** CCcam 2.2.1 entegredir.

                        ** CCcam info entegredir.

                        ** Ecminfo entegredir.

                        ** Satfinder entegredir.

                        ** Werbezapper entegredir.
                        ( Werbezapper'i 1 ile 9 dk arasında ayar yaparak , izlediginiz kanala
                        otomatik olarak geri donebilirsiniz...)

                        ** Hacksat biss key downloader

                        ** Teletex mevcuttur.

                        ** Guncel cok uydulu satellite xml kullanilmistir.

                        ** Kanallar help tusu ile yan yana yapilabilir.

                        ** Doluluk orani eklentisiz % 26 dir

                        ** SADECE DREAM UP ile yukleyiniz..!!!

                        Nabilo Darkstar2 DM500s CCcam221 BM series_230..rar


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                          Darkstar II Imo another island and surfer Thumbs solely 18/07/2011

                          Peace and mercy of God

                          change today

                          Only forum Darkstar II, another knife Rihanna Emo CCcam 2.2.1

                          Changes made to the image

                          * Change the picture in the glow of the artist Laila Alawi

                          * Change in net original sleek knife Rihanna
                          * Add French to English, with language downloads
                          * Enlarge the font
                          * Ability to change channel display, press OK, and then click Help
                          * Add the latest file-frequency 18/7/2011
                          * Add the latest file to work Sowickam Bis TV channels
                          * Translation works automatically on channels OSN
                          * Merge Emus CCcam 2.2.1 has been included to automatically run
                          * Merge from 6 Pluzinat Var area
                          - CCcamInfo Blogin continue the integration server
                          - EcmInfo Blogin Integration Server and the continuation of the Hops
                          - Integration Blogin Hacksat Key code for the update directly from the kindly
                          - Integration Blogin Nagrab recording from Dreambox to PC
                          - Integration of the signal qality Plugin to see the signal
                          - Integration of the problem was solved Blogin Teletext does not work in other pictures

                          All these changes were far from the Var region

                          Free Espace En Var 74%
                          Sudden and large




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                            Well done, nice job, Please can you up load image as well instead of the download.


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                              Image for: Dm500s/IboX500s
                              Mbox Version: 023.4.r (MboxG)
                              CCcam Version: 2.1.3 (best)
                              NewCS Version: 1.67_RC1
                              Utilities added: Borraoffs, Per_resolver and the Pal BorraFakes cthulhufhtagn, pinguino_rh waitpid0000 of Pal, and some other added stats script
                              Plugins added: Ptest (peer-screen info) Mbox Center (Mbox statistics in real time) CCcam Info (CCcam statistics in real time) Ngrab (to record the programming they are viewing)
                              There have been many changes over previous versions so that we will not remember all these changes, in this case have been further amended many internal things in the picture but due to time (and win lol) I will not to put them now,
                              What if you can be clear is that this image comes to exceed its previous version ....
                                  . [Mbox] + CCcam + NewCS. ___ Share by 2, just watch for Mbox and Newcs card reader. (RECOMMENDED)
                                  . Mbox + [CCcam] + NewCS. ____compartir by 2, and just watch for CCcam Newcs card reader.
                                  . Mbox + [CCcam]. _____compartir by 2, just watch for CCcam
                                  . [Mbox] + CCcam. _____compartir by 2, just watch for Mbox
                                  . Mbox + NewCS. Mbox + _____ only Newcs card reader.
                                  . CCcam + NewCS. _____solo CCcam + Newcs card reader.
                                  . Mbox. Watch & Share _____ just for Mbox
                                  . CCcam. Watch & Share _____ just for CCcam
                              you have to put the same in the CCcam.cfg as in CCcamMbox.cfg,
                              otherwise no ....., will share anything that is if you add a peer in CCcam also have to add CCcamMbox.cfg like you do in CCcam.cfg not forget ...
                              Remember DreamUp always install it first, otherwise it will be black screen.