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PurE2 new lease of life for old DM800HD SE and DM500HD

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  • PurE2 new lease of life for old DM800HD SE and DM500HD

    This guide will show you how to get the most from an old Dreambox DM800 HD SE and DM500 HD with the help of Flodder, OpenMultiBoot and Flash Expander.

    These old machines have seriously well-written drivers (low-level programming) and semi-decent HW - well, for their time they were great - but even then 64MB flash was really stingy

    However, they still have a great quality image, decryption works fine, I tested streaming and playback and they are also fine etc.

    Given the small, tiny flash, enter Flodder, OpenMultiBoot and Flash Expander! (A few others, too - but these are noteworthy...) Small Flash suddenly becomes much bigger and these old ladies can still dance nicely!

    Flodderworks on original boxes only - although one version did not have the protection, allegedly (if anyone can find it...) - so beware!

    It moves root ( / ) to a USB stick (all the folders and files, so one uses the stick as Flash.

    OpenMultiBoot is installed as a plugin, from which you can install multiple images in a USB stick and it functions well now!

    Flash Expander "expands" flash to a USB stick but only some folders...

    Delfi of PurE2 went into it "a bit" and got us a little bit happier, I think... or at least less miserable...

    Here is his text, edited by yours truly...

    Well, it has been some time since the last release, but the old loves die hard (or something like that)...

    What is new?

    - Latest PurE2 stuff in the feeds
    - Up-to-date-Enigma2 and plugins, including all the Pure2 plugins (like OLM-fnc, Streamlord-fnc, Filme-fnc, Radio-fnc, Wazzup-fnc etc...)
    - Latest version of Estuary skin
    - Some effort was made towards making the basic image smaller (there is room for further improvement - but, as the reasonable way is to use some sort of extending the flash, not really in the focus)
    - etc...

    How to:

    - Get your PurE2 images here: http://www.pur-e2.club/OU/images/ind...=6.3/dreambox/

    - Unzip the latest PurE2 image and flash with DMM web interface from SSL (it means "usual flashing method, using your browser, like Firefox")
    - From here, there are a few paths to enlarge your Flash which could work for you.

    - Whichever one you choose, it is wise to do exactly as described here, before installing any other stuff in the image.
    - Try to use the fastest external media you can afford. The difference between an old/slow USB stick and a new/fast one can be dramatic.

    There are 3 reasonable ways to use this image:

    1) Install Flodder => and then the rest of the stuff... (check out the details in the post that will follow this one but in short...)

    a) insert USB memory stick (formatted in EXT4) into your box, MENU > pManager > Scripts > User scripts > Start script > DoFlodder.sh script > Only once!

    b) after it finishes all the deeds, you'll have plenty of space to play with - as big as your USB stick/SSD...

    c) install the missing stuff (since it was necessary to reduce PurE2 image for these boxes) by doing this...

    pManager > Scripts > User scripts > Start script > InstallRest.sh script > Only once > reboot (recommended way for a start)

    d) SWAP is automatically created
    Once it reboots you can go on messing about to your heart's content, with a peace of mind you will never run out of space installing plugins, skins, tools, picons, EPG and whatnot...

    Delfi's text, edited by me, here and there...

    Flodder DM800HD SE PurE2 "How-to..."

    I hope this helps a bit. It works rather nicely on my box.


    USB stick or SSD

    - It is wise to avoid old=slow USB sticks, new USB 3.0 stick from reliable sources seem to be fast even when running on USB 2.0 port

    - It is unlikely that you would want to invest in an SSD for an old STB, but if you have an old one laying around, might be an interesting choice

    - In either case, media should be formatted in Linux EXT4 partition (try to use another STB box or live Linux distribution, Windows EXT4 tools may or may not provide desired results [tools like Mini Tool Partition Wizard Free are OK, though...])


    - Flash the latest DMM 800se (500hd if it has retrofitted USB ports) - see above for link to latest PurE2 images...

    - When in Start Wizard, please *do* choose to delete other languages to save space!
    - Proceed with setup as you please, but please do NOT install anything (channel lists, cams, etc.) *yet*!!!
    - When done with the wizard, there are two ways to proceed:

    1) Menu > open pManager > go to script > choose User script > Start script > select DoFlodder.sh > run once > "yes"

    - The box will reboot and take some time to prepare USB stick.

    - NOTE: the script is dumb and assumes that USB or SSD is mounted on /media/hdd


    2) telnet to the STB, root, pure2

    - type "opkg update"

    - type "opkg install flodder-boottool"

    - type "mkdir /media/hdd/flodder" or "mkdir /media/usb/flodder" or wherever is your desired device

    - type "reboot" to migrate to external media, wait...

    After that is successfully done...

    - Install some missing stuff, either of the 2 following ways:

    1) Menu > pManager > Script > User script > Start script > InstallRest.sh > Only run once > "yes"

    - Wait, it could take some time, really long time if your media is slow

    - reboot


    2) telnet to the STB, root, pure2

    - type "opkg update"

    - type "opkg install ca-certificates ffmpeg rsync "

    - install whatever you may need like ch lists, extra-feed, plugins

    - type "sync; sync"

    - reboot


    - We use slightly modified DMM kernel but OpenMultiBoot works fine for these boxes now.

    - Script InstallRest.sh installs a feed for some extra stuff like dFlash

    2) OpenMultiBoot (OMB) - In PurE2 "feeds" (= Plugins) this is in Extensions (enigma2-plugin-extensions-openmultiboot) > this is a new one from last release (we have put some effort to make it work )

    a) Install enigma2-plugin-extensions-openmultiboot

    b) restart PurE2, FTP your PurE2 image with 'zip' suffix to /media/hdd/open-multiboot-upload (do not unpack it!)

    c) from OpenMultiBoot menu (in plugins) install PurE2 image

    d) reboot, chose non-flash PurE2 image from the menu, after it finishes all the deeds, you'll have image with plenty of space on a USB or other media and you will be able to install bunch of stuff.

    e) a quick and safe shortcut now is to press MENU > pManager > Scripts > User scripts > Start script > InstallRest.sh script > Only once > reboot (this is a recommended way for a start)

    f) you'll have to make SWAP from pManager > Device Manager > SWAP Manager > say, 512MB SWAP
    I tested this on my old Ferrari 500HD with Japhar SIM card and it's brilliant!

    Flash Expander

    3) Install Flash Expander plugin (enigma2-plugin-extensions-flashexpander)

    a) (...see a post after this one re. what exactly to do...), then after that...

    b) a quick and safe shortcut is to use from pManager > Scripts > User scripts > Start script > InstallRest.sh script > Only once > reboot (recommended way for a start)

    P.S. Original DB500HD users would likely have the most use of the image if aftermarket USB ports are installed. Sorry.
    So, if one has a "clone", i.e. F500HD with, for instance, Japhar SIM card, like I do - the patched image "DM500HD : PurE2 6.2 2019.01.05 (v3-v5)" is here:

    Or if one has an original with retrofitted USB ports - use an original PurE2 image for your box...

    ================================================== ======================================

    These FLASH EXPANDER instructions are for a clone with Japhar SIM card, using PurE2 image, of course...

    gorski's 11 theses for 500HD/Japhar SIM bliss with Flash Expander

    1) First thing one does is one partitions one's BIG and FAST USB 3.0 memory stick into 2 partitions (Mini Tool Partition Wizard freeware under Windows, for instance, is a good tool to do this with).

    2) Then, one plugs the USB stick into one's 500HD. Old Ferrari clones have 2 USB ports: internal and external one.

    3) Then, one mounts the 2 USB 3.0 stick partitions by going to:

    MENU > pManager > Device Manager > Mount Manager > blue button > yellow button (to switch Automount OFF) > Exit > do this for both partitions on the USB stick.

    4) Then, do not restart E2 but instead go back to mount those two partitions in a fixed manner, via FSTAB file.


    5) This you can do either by using the MENU or the BLUE button, then using the > or < buttons on your remote, changing the mounts to get as follows:

    -smaller (say, 2GB) partition as /media/usb (= partition 1)

    -bigger (say the rest, i.e. 30GB of 32GB USB stick) partition as /media/hdd (= partition 2)

    6) Press OK to write it into the FSTAB file, then out of 3 options choose RESTART THE BOX. The box reboots.

    (If it doesn't work the first time round, the second time it will be as you want it to be!)

    7) Now, go to MENU > Plugins > Extensions > see above post and install this plugin, i.e. Flash Expander.

    8) Exit and if necessary restart E2, then go back to Plugins > start Flash Expander and use it to move the /usr folder to the smaller 2GB partition (it will later on appear as /usr in various menus, as you'll see soon). Restart will follow, when it moves the /usr folder content to USB /media/usb partition.

    9) I then use a SWAP Manager, which you will find in the same part of pManager, to create a SWAP file (512MB), activate it and I also make it "autostart" with E2.

    This is the result, firstly showing the partitions using "df -h" command and then "before and after" SWAP creation, using "free" command:

    PURE2-TEAM 2019
    root@dm500hd:~# df -h
    Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/root 60.0M 56.3M 3.7M 94% /
    devtmpfs 66.3M 4.0K 66.3M 0% /dev
    tmpfs 66.4M 128.0K 66.3M 0% /var/volatile
    /dev/mtdblock2 3.8M 2.7M 1.0M 73% /boot
    /dev/sda2 26.9G 171.9M 25.4G 1% /media/hdd
    /dev/sda1 2.4G 179.3M 2.1G 8% /usr
    root@dm500hd:~# free
    total used free shared buff/cache available
    Mem: 136044 68520 10992 132 56532 42494
    Swap: 0 0 0
    root@dm500hd:~# free
    total used free shared buff/cache available
    Mem: 136044 72472 10880 132 52692 39912
    Swap: 524284 0 524284
    10) Now, we can start downloading

    -plugins/addons (like Franc's FNC plugins, then ffmpeg package for E2iPlayer etc. etc.)
    -tools you may need (like Dream Explorer)
    -skins you may want to have extra
    -picons galore
    -etc. etc.


    11) direct them all to /media/hdd (partition 2), just like we directed SWAP file to it...

    Only the careful configuration of it all will ensure all will be well with our "oldie but goldie"!!!
    Last edited by gorski; 14-02-2020, 20:49.