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DM800HD PVR up-to-date images?

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  • DM800HD PVR up-to-date images?

    I have an old DM800HD PVR which is currently running BlackHole something but from about 2009 I think.

    It generally works OK, I have it on a single satellite on 19.2 East. However, there are no updates available and I can't get new plugins. I'd like to add some extras like mounting network shares and playing videos (19.2 is mostly German now!) but I'm having trouble getting it to work.

    So... my question is... are there still images which continue to be maintained for the admittedly long-in-the-tooth DreamBox 800 HD PVR? It's an original DreamBox, not a clone. I didn't quite figure out what a SIM is nor whether I'd need one or could even benefit from one?

    Otherwise, any recommendations? Thanks in advance :-)

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    Hi YJ , I recomment you flash box with a new updated firmware and add a multiboot addon on it , then you can test the new images in order to find whats best for you .
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      Thanks for the reply LilleMama... I've looked round the forum and see a lot of images but not much in the way of new firmware. Are firmwares somewhere different?

      I found a very old post from you suggesting that it needs a serial cable. Is that still relevant?

      Thank you :-)


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        Still looking for how to...
        flash box with a new updated firmware and add a multiboot addon on it ,

        ? I found a guide for Barry Allen but that seems to need a CF card and they don't come cheap. I'm guessing it should be possible with a USB stick? Is there a part of the forum I'm missing where the firmwares are available? I see a whole load of images but not much firmware... it's kind of frustrating...

        Many thanks guys


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          A usb is ok , I had it on my old dream and even on VU
          sigpicI did it my way