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Flashing your Ferrari with a new firmware, by using a Web Browser

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  • Flashing your Ferrari with a new firmware, by using a Web Browser

    Flashing your Ferrari with a new firmware, by using a Web Browser

    The simplest and effective!


    Things you need...

    a) An "Image" in *.nfi format.

    b ) In your home network, your router should have DHCP server activated (automatic home network IP address assigning).

    c) Your Ferrari must be connected to your router via a LAN cable (straight or crossed), as well as your TV via HDMI cable, plus your TV must be switched on.

    d) In your Ferrari your second stage Loader must be fully operational.

    ================================================== =

    Now, to the procedure itself...

    1) Switch your Ferrari off: at the back, there is an OFF switch. Standby won't do!

    2) Press the "power button" in front and hold it firmly.

    3) Switch your Ferrari on, at the back, but never letting go of the "power button".

    4) Have a look at your TV screen, where you will see your rec's IP address, given to your Ferrari by your router.

    5) Now, in your Web Browser - Firefox or whatever you use - write that IP address in the address box at the top, like this:

    http://192.168.x.x/upgrade.dhtml - where x = Ferrari's specific address in your Home Network, then hit the Enter button on your keyboard.

    6) Use the "Browse..." button to choose an image you want to flash into your Ferrari -> click on "Open"!

    7) See the first photo: click on the "Flash" button and wait a bit. Patience. When it's done you will see the following message in your Browser:

    Firmware upgrade complete. You may restart your Dreambox now.
    Under it there will also be "100%", if all went well. Then, click on "Reboot" button, just under it.

    8) Your Ferrari should now boot with a new image in it.

    ================================================== =======

    Post coital bliss... or frustration... depends on the day...

    If all is well your remote control will function and you will give commands using RCU.

    If not (i.e. if your RCU or remote sensor are faulty), one should still have access to it, via Webinterface.

    In that case, in your Browser one writes Ferrari's address but at the end one adds :80 and hits the Enter button...

    http://192.168.x.x:80 -> click on Box Control -> Web Remote and that's it, controlling it via PC/laptop, using your Home Network...

    The Wizard of E2 comes up now, helping you sort out the basic settings. I only choose the minimum, then get out and sort it all out later on, at my convenience...

    So, just choose HDMI, 50MHz, language and network, nothing else - just get out or say "no, thanx".


    Beyond the Ferrari memory limitations...

    At this point, I prepare a large and fast USB memory stick for Multiboot - or, if not, Flash Expander, which I shall explain later on. I format it in my laptop, using Easeus Partition Master Home (freeware/gratis) 9.1 application or GParted in my Linux Ubuntu OS.

    So, then, plug the USB stick into your PC/laptop, start the app -> right click on the USB stick -> Delete (all) partition(s) -> Create partition (just one, Primary in EXT3 format) and then -> Apply -> confirm aaaand.... wait.

    Once it is done, plug it into your Ferrari and when it detects it -> OK...

    ...to be continued...

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    Flash Expander "how to"

    This is the first thing I do, before all else, if I am not going to be using Multiboot.

    What will it do? It will "expand" your rec's "flash" by using/making a USB stick a part of it!

    How exactly? Well, it moves the heavily used but otherwise limited /usr folder to a USB memory stick and thereby we get to play properly, with a hefty EPG load, lots and lots of picons, subtitles, plugins, skins and cams galore - and never run out of space, plus still have our box to perform speedily and stably...

    Get it here, attached to this post...

    FileZilla Client -> enigma2-flashexpander-azboxhd_0.13-r1_mipsel.ipk package goes to your rec's /tmp folder (or /root).

    Blue button -> PB Center -> PB System Setup -> IPK Installer -> OK -> yes. When done, press the EXIT button to return to PB Centre -> Restart GUI. Or whatever is used in your image for this task or in Main E2 Menu -> to Software Management, but sometimes we need to place it in /root -> Install ipk -> restart GUI etc.

    When PB-E2 VX is running again, plug your USB stick (the faster the better) into your box!

    Then, go to Menu -> Plugins -> Flash Expander -> create press OK -> choose where/which USB stick and partition, if you have more...

    At that point it starts working (= moving /usr folder to USB stick), telling you to wait...

    If it is successful, at some point it will ask you if you'd like to "Restart your box"? Press OK and wait...

    After a little time E2 restarts and God's your uncle... Remember, all that you install will now go to /media/FlashExpander folder and other folders on USB stick that you will determine later on, so you don't have to worry about E2 getting too big, slowing it all down, running out of memory etc.
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