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DVB-T2 receiver for Dreambox

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  • DVB-T2 receiver for Dreambox

    We might as well start a thread monitoring Dream-multimedias plans to offer a DVB-T2 receiver.
    Now all but the Danish Radio (public service) channels are broadcast via DVB-T2, it begin to be pretty urgent to get DVB-T2 receivers.

    The elegancy of Dreambox is the flexibility, so you can keep the box even if you move and the situation change so the best solution is another feed.

    At present Boxer has the offer that fits my needs best, but unfortunately its on DVB-T2.

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    Anyone that have updates on this? Or is Dreambox a deadend when it comes to DVB-T(2)?


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      It seem as dm is way behind in the development , thats the resson our forum have added alternative recievers like Amiko , Openbox ect .
      I corrently have a Optibox Raptor HD with two tuners in test : 1 DVB-S2 and 1 DVB-T2 tuner ( tuner 2 can be change to tuner of users choise )
      2. Boxer doesnt send a true DVB-T2 signal it is ( only scaled to it ) I have the info from a Danish developer with knowledge about boxer .
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        the technomate 6902 hd has a t2 tuner fitted as standard i currently use one for freeview viewing in the uk.

        sorry just noticed this is an old post
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