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21-05-2012, 11:48
Pirate Bay is back...

use this url...

Have fun...elvis.:cool:

21-05-2012, 16:44
Dutch hackers circumvent TPB ban

Most Dutch ISPs are obliged to block access to The Pirate Bay, but hackers have opened new routes to the website.

Ziggo en XS4ALL, KPN, T-Mobile, UPC and Tele2 have to follow a court order in a case that was brought to court by Brein, an organisation to protect copyrights on behalf of right holders.

New websites and domain names include The Promo Bay, unblockedpiratebay.com and fucktimkuik.org, named after Brein managing director Tim Kuik. These websites give once again access to the original TPB.

As a result, Brein now has to start new court cases to force ISPs to block these new sites.

The organisation, in an attempt to prevent such events from happening, had asked the court that it could supply new website and domain names to be blocked without a new court order.

However, the judge of the The Hague court did not grant this privilege to Brein