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02-02-2012, 12:56
VU+Ultimo ViX 2,3 Linux3,11Online Update for VU+ Ultimo now active to bring to Build 204.
Also available below is the USB File for flashing a clean build of 204.
Enjoy it guys.

2.3 Build 204:
enigma2: LogManager update for log locations.
enigma2: CrashLogs, both types (normal crashlog and Debuglog) now share the same location (user definable) the new default is '/home/root/logs'
enigma2: EpgSelection, fix multiepg channel preview and clean up all epg code.
enigma2: fix issue with timers and standby and new trashcan.
enigma2: EPGSelection: graphical epg update.
enigma2: TrashCan: fix possible error screen, Deepstandby issues.
enigma2: InfobarGenerics: fix 2nd info bar timeout.
feeds: add 'dvb-usb-af9035'
linux: add dvb-usb patches by Gennar1 (etx000 and vuplus)
xmltv-importer: add auto creation of swap in needed.
ViX-core: BackupManager: now allows more than one backup per day.
ViX-core: RestoreWizard: now does not show if no backup are found, also backups are now listed last backup at top of list, also fixed a bug where if a device did not have any backups on but another did both devices listed same backups.
ViX-Night/Day skins: updated QucikEPG to include description.

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