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tytus 56
01-11-2011, 20:12
Image Gemini 4.70 / Mbox_0.6 BETA build 0010 .... Of Amendments -

Additions in the image:

- Of course the virus is de-
- A new boot image of my design,,, I hope you like

- Add Arabic, French and English

- Integration of Imo Alombucs of 0.6 away from the heart of the image area of ​​VAR

- Change the image of the original knife knife Djimina last summit in splendor and beauty: Spectrum II

- You can change the look of the menus of the channels by pressing the OK button and then help

- The amendment to the lines to suit the size of the display

- Merge Blegn grab away from the Var area

- Merge Blegn Ecminfo away from the Var area

- Integrating the Blegn: mbox suite of server and track the status of the lines

- Integration Panel control lines on the web browser "mbox panel" in the raw image

And away from the area as well as the VAR

(Here must be recalled that the painting back to its owner and is a private Dr.jou Belchibox, and you make changes to the

And become like the Ombucs,,, did not touch the rights, that the Secretariat)

- Keep the small size of the area: VAR only 18% (you can add what you like)

Note: You can scroll the image by Dreamup or Flashwizard

I leave you with pictures and downloads:

And the control panel

To activate it and click on the blue button, then

services / Daemons

I then did the property:

HTTP server

As in the image:

Then click on:

After adjustment to EPE Aldirimbucs